“Traveling” into the Bloggoshere…

Anyone that knows my husband and I knows that we love to travel. For years, we have wandered the Southeast, Caribbean, Mexico and even across the pond to Scotland, England and a stint to Amsterdam. I always love to research where we are going, looking for cool places to stay, neat things to see, area history and heritage, and of course, the best local restaurants. Yes, we are food snobs – but not the fancy kind. We want fresh and tasty, and the cheaper the better.

I love photographing our experiences and as I’ve been putting together these blog pages, I am realizing how MUCH we have traveled over recent years. I have so many great photos it’s hard to choose what to post! I usually write a little about our travels in my monthly magazine I publish, “The Busy Bee Trader”, but it’s only tidbits with just one or two pictures. With this new travel journal blog, I’m looking forward to being able to post my pictures and memories, and hopefully give other travelers some tidbits of wisdom from what we’ve seen and done.

I’ll be sharing destinations from “far and near” that will include life on our Tennessee Century Farm, Busy Bee Trader excursions, our travels, genealogy and history projects and more. You can friend me on Facebook “Jamie Dudiak” and like my “Busy Bee Trader, Destination Guide to Antiques & Southern Lifestyles” if you wish to follow me on a daily basis.

Hopefully it won’t take me too terribly long to get the hang of this blogging thing and any suggestions are welcomed! You can read up more about me and my husband on my “About” page and I’ve started loading our past travels onto my “Destinations” page. There will be many more to come. We have so many neat experiences to share, and I hope you’ll be able to go discover them too.

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2 thoughts on ““Traveling” into the Bloggoshere…

  1. Lisa

    I am super excited about your blog!

  2. Looking forward to your blog!

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