Destination: Augusta, Georgia for The Masters

When Wally’s Great-Uncle George & Great-Aunt Carolyn Ogles emailed to ask if we would like to come to Augusta, Ga.,  for the Monday Practice Round at The Masters, it took about a heartbeat for Wally to read it and say YES! He had told Uncle George long ago if he ever had any extra tickets we would love to come. It so happened that if I worked double-time to get the April Busy Bees delivered and all of my work done, then we could be free to go by April 1. So we did. As Wally drove, I spent the seven-hour drive reading through a bunch of my genealogy and history files that I hadn’t looked at for several years and time flew for me!

We arrived in the late afternoon and they wanted to show us some of some sites in their neighborhood. The Savannah Rapids Park is just minutes from their house and what a treasure for the community! Columbia County had saved the old buildings and turned them into a public pavilion, walking and biking trails and areas to relax. Some folks had brought their own hammocks and set up between some trees – I was jealous! Others sat on the riverbank and fished, read and napped and others were biking and walking.

Savannah Rapids Park, Augusta, Georgia

Savannah Rapids Park Pavilion

Savannah Rapids Park -
the old caretakers house

Savannah Rapids creek waterfall

On the way back to George & Carolyn’s house we stopped off at his golf club for Wally to see the clubhouse (and made Wally wish he lived on a golf course).

Patio at George's golf club

We then headed back to their house to relax and unwind from the long drive. Carolyn prepared a wonderful dinner and made a heavenly homemade coconut pie for dinner.

George and Carolyn's lovely home

Then next morning it was time to get ready to head to the Monday Practice Round at the Masters at Augusta National Golf Course. Check out my next blog to see our day at The Masters!

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