Andy Clinard, Rebecca Jamison marriage, 1820s

I had a “Sha-zam” genealogy moment earlier with our 1820s Clinards in Robertson County. I made a quick trip to the Robertson County Archives this afternoon to clear (or maybe just clog) my head after spending the day with our friendly IRS tax auditor scouring receipts. I meandered through a bit of the early will books and discovered that the girls at the archives have been busy in the last few years. I found several new additions in the will books for Clinards and will have to make a trip back with my camera and notebook to record the info. I was in search of the “lost” daughters from the early years.

On our roadtrip last week, I had taken a lot of my family research files to read and get re-acquainted with and had made notes on everything. A Clinard cousin had called while I was in Augusta last week and is planning a visit to Robertson County this week, so I thought I better dig back into my Clinard files. While doing so, I decided to track down a lead on a wife’s maiden name that we had not yet proven.

Lawrence Clinard (1769-1830/40) who came to Robertson County, TN, from Abbotts Creek, (Stokes Co.), N.C., around 1804 had a son, Andrew (Jan. 28, 1805 – June 28, 1888) and we knew his wife’s name was Rebecca. However, her maiden name was in question whether it was Jamison or Welborn.

I had photographed a bunch of research material when I visited Clinard cousin Rick Russell in Asheville several years ago, but hadn’t gotten ’round to going through all the files. Yes, I know, sad… but time gets away. Anyway, I opened the file of pics and scrolled through them and found these hand-written notes he had ordered from the Tennessee State Library from the Mary Freeman Collection on microfilm (see source info below picture).

Rick had told me he thought he had a note about our Andy Clinard marrying a Rebecca Jamison and here it is! Now there are no dates or anything else to back it up, so we don’t know where the she found it.

Got this from Rick Russell in NC,
notes from TSLA from Robertson Co.
researcher on microfilm

(*Source: Mf. 1216 — Mary Barry (Martin) Freeman Papers, 1700-1962. 20 vols. TSLA. 5 reels. 16 mm. Papers of Mary Barry Freeman (1882-1963), wife of Dr. John Shaw Freeman of Springfield, Robertson County, a genealogist and club woman. The collection includes the Freeman family papers; historical data on Robertson County; genealogical data on nearly 130 families (see container list); writings, notes, and speeches of Mary B. Freeman; clippings on various topics including civil rights and the Civil War; and minutes of the Charlotte Reeves Robertson Chapter, Springfield, DAR.)

HOWEVER!!! I have had a file on Thomas Jamison for several years now that has his will in 1857 that mentions two Clinard daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, but I couldn’t find a marriage record to correspond with it. SO, now that I have this note linking Andy Clinard and Rebecca Jamison, along with the will, I’m pretty sure we can say that Andy’s wife was Rebecca Jamison (Oct 1, 1804-March 28, 1881). Andy and Rebecca are both buried at Mt. Sharon Cemetery.

Thomas Jamison's will,
Robertson County, TN
with 2 Clinard daughters.

Now I’m wondering if the Sarah Clinard mentioned in the Thomas Jamison will could be Andy’s brother, Joseph, my direct ancestor’s wife. We know her name was Sarah and she was born in Virginia but have had no clue to her maiden name. We also know that many times brothers married sisters. I guess we’ll have to track Thomas Jamison’s roots now. I do have a deed document in Robertson County that says he was from Smith County, Tennessee in 1801 when he is purchasing the land. (See next picture.)

I'll have to go back to the RC archives and make note of the deed book and pg # on this. Jamison is buying it from Thomas Parker, who is acting administrator for his wife, Sarah Parker. Perhaps she had inherited this property from her father, John Stewart "formerly a citizen of North Carolina and " TN county of Sumner" that is mentioned? Looks like the Parkers were living in the state of Kentucky, county of Ohio? Where would this be?

Well, that’s all for now… Got to do some more digging!

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