A Day at The Masters, Augusta, Georgia

Wally at Amen Corner, Augusta National

Being an avid golfer, Wally has always dreamed of going to The Masters in Augusta, and thanks to his Great Uncle and Aunt, George & Carolyn, we’re in Augusta! Monday morning dawned bright and hot, and with sun screen slathered on and cameras charged, I was ready for our first visit to this golf course legend. It was amazing driving down Washington Road on the way to the course at all of the people standing on the side of the road holding signs wanting to buy and sell tickets. With our coveted badges in hand, we joined the herd pouring through the gates. Their security was strict and no cell phones, ipods, or other electronic devices allowed. We made it through and headed to the Monday Practice board to see who would be on the course. Our new Lytro camera arrived just before we left, so I’ll be posting a separate blog with pictures we took with it and explaining it’s new features.

Where there once was a neighborhood is now car parking. It was a sea of cars by mid-morning on Monday.

Wally and his Great-Uncle George Ogles


Augusta National, at the beginning of the course at the 1st and 10th holes, looking down and across the course

Wally and Jamie at The Masters

We heard Tiger would be coming along soon and heard roars in the distance, but alas, not Tiger for us. We finally gave up waiting t the hole we were and moved on. In the meantime, we watched several of the Swedish and Asian guys practicing.

THE flag

Augusta's 1st hole

We meandered around the course, watching different players practicing. Unfortunately, the azaleas were about played out, so I was disappointed in the flower show, but the course was still beautiful. The pine trees provided shade and there were plenty of concession and restroom facilities throughout the course to service the “hordes”. We were incredulous at the prices though – only $3 for beer; their famous pimento cheese sandwiches were only $1.50 and delicious barbecue sandwiches only $3. Needless to say, there were lots of guys carrying around lots of stacked cups from their cheap (by event standards) beer intake.

Our hometown, Nashville Vanderbilt guy, Brandt Snedeker

Frazier, Toms, Kraft, Kucher - We watched these guys for a while. They seemed quite relaxed and were enjoying the day.

Masters, #1 amateur, UCLA

Molinari and Glover

Masters, Harrington and officials

Carolyn and George Ogles

I posted a bunch more of shots from my regular camera, a Canon Digital Rebel, on my Facebook page, so you can check them out there.

After being in the 90+ degrees heat all day we stopped off at Hooters on the way back to George and Carolyn’s house to see if John Daly was there yet. After our beer and wings refresher, he hadn’t arrived yet so we headed out as Hooters was being mobbed by after-Masters Day drinkers. They had brought in Hooters girls from all over the state, and the guys all seemed pretty happy.

"Our" Hooter's Girl

Wally was pretty happy...

And after the second pitcher, I was too

Then it was back to George and Carolyn’s for another delicious dinner and George and I caught up on his Ogles family history research. The next morning it was time to head to Charleston, S.C., and another day of adventure. Stay tuned!



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