Denmark, S.C., Antique Shopping Destination

After we left Augusta, we headed towards Charleston, South Carolina. Wally had never been and I wanted him to see Charleston and Kiawah Island. We decided to take the more scenic route instead of the interstate and I love passing through all the small towns and seeing the countryside. As we were going through one charming town, I spied a big “Antiques” sign to the left.

Downtown Denmark, S.C.

“Please, please, please stop???” Wally reluctantly hung a left and circled back so I could check it out. I reminded him it was part of my Busy Bee work to share our antiquing discoveries along the way, and that I would be quick. The place I had spied turned out to the the old AT & T Plant built in 1923 and it was listed on the National Historic Register in July, 1999. We were in Denmark, South Carolina, between Augusta and Charleston.

The Caroline Collection is housed
in the 1929 AT& T Plant in Denmark

It now houses The Caroline Collection, a FABULOUS collection of American and European antiques. The three floors were packed with treasure and an antique lover could have spent hours admiring the fine craftsmanship of the furniture and the beauty of the accent pieces. Downstairs in the basement was a tiger maple huntboard that I drooled over, but priced at $25,000, I gave it a loving pet and moved on.

My $25,000 tiger maple huntboard

I spoke with the owner, Caroline Templeton, and she told me many of their customers come from Augusta, Columbia, Charleston, Savannah and other large towns. They are located midway between all of these cities. They also have two new annexes filled with antiques including the Mayfield House, circa 1906, and the Old Guess Dairy Commisary, both on the same street as the AT & T building.

We didn’t have time (or Wally the patience) for me to explore the other buildings, but if this is a sampling I can safely say that Denmark, South Carolina should be on your Antique Destination radar if you are looking for heirloom quality antiques. They don’t have a website but you can find them on or

Next stop – Middleton Plantation & Inn in Charleston!

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One thought on “Denmark, S.C., Antique Shopping Destination

  1. Wow! This makes me want to take a road trip right now to go visit Denmark!!

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