Visit to Clinard & Bowie Cabins

Over the last several years older family members had told us that Tony Dorris and Ray Clinard had dismantled several of the cabins here on our farm and moved them out to Flewellen Road and rebuilt cabins there. I had been meaning to go find them for years and finally did it the other day. I had to drive down several side roads but finally discovered a cluster of log cabins and buildings where I thought they should be. No one was home so I left a note for the occupants to give me a call and a brief overview of what I was doing with the family history.

We know that two of the cabins they dismantled were the Joseph “Jodie” Clinard cabin that stood in our lake field, as well as the James Frank Bowie cabin that was on the back side of the farm. There was also another cabin dismantled where my parent’s house stands that supposedly the logs went to Dickson and I think that might have been Lawrence Clinard’s house.

In an 1819 Tennessee Land Grant, Jodie Clinard was deeded five acres that included “Clinard’s house, spring and improvements” so we know his cabin was built by then. My father remembers the cabin as being a two-room cabin with a dog-trot and chimneys on either end.

Joseph Clinard's Tennessee Land Grant from 1819 notes his house and spring.
On file at the Tennessee State Library & Archives

I’m going to have to call Tony Dorris and Ray Clinard to find out which logs went to what building, but here is are pictures so you can see what a great job they did saving them.

Cabin on Flewellen Road

The fellow that has rented the cabin for the past five years was tickled to get my note and called me the next morning. My brother Jeff was here so when he said come on over, off we went! The renter’s name is Ram Trevino, and he has lovingly sanded and polished the interior logs with Liquid Gold, bringing out their color. He does house restorations, so has done lots of improvements to the interior.

The kitchen

Then we moved on to the other log building next door…

The logs on this apartment/garage are 36 feet long x 10 feet wide!

We looked around inside…

We then walked out of the log section into the built-on apartment section and there next to the door were initials carved into the log…. “J F B”. Our great, great, grandfather who lived on the back side of the farm from 1900-1907 was James Frank Bowie! My brother Jeff is the last of the Bowies in our branch so this was really exciting for him.

J F B - my great, great grandfather was James Frank Bowie!!!!

Jeff pointing out the initials carved by James Frank Bowie

We found a few other initials but I haven't identified them yet

There was also a log smokehouse in the back yard…

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2 thoughts on “Visit to Clinard & Bowie Cabins

  1. Gloria Proctor

    wow, I’m impressed, what a great job they did, I’m glad you shared the pics with us, it makes me think of our ancestors and where we come from

  2. Pat Stallings

    Look at those Wonderful logs! I love log houses. So glad they preserved them. Too bad they still aren’t on your farm. Now, Wally, you need to step up and move the one that’s left before someone else does!

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