Day 4: The Angel Oak, Kiawah and Folly Islands, Charleston, S.C.

Love this shot I took on the Folly Island street

This one-week trip we took the first of April seems to be going on  forever… but I’ve been so busy with the IRS, Busy Bee, spring gardening and as always, unexpected emergencies of various sorts that I’ve only been able to post a leg of the trip at a time. Now that the new May Busy Bee is out, I guess I better get this finished in the next few days, as I’ve told everyone to check out my blog!

We left Middleton Plantation on Ashley River Road and I wanted Wally to see Kiawah Island and Folly Beach, so we headed southeast a short drive to the coast. Just before we crossed over to Kiawah Island we took the one-mile detour to see the Angel Oak which is on Johns Island. The famous Angel Oak is a live oak estimated to be over 1,500 years old, stands 65-feet tall, and measures 28 feet in circumference. It’s really quite amazing and just a minute detour.

The Angel Oak, Johns Island, South Carolina

We jumped back in the Suburban and cruised on over to Kiawah Island so Wally could see that manicured golfing and beach haven. Their shopping, restaurant and grocery center is really neat with a vintage ‘50s-style theme. I’m pretty sure it just depressed him that he couldn’t be living on the golf course at the beach. Oh well… maybe one day.

Kiawah Island gas station

We did a quick drive-through of the island and headed back out. One stop I had wanted to make was at a really cool produce and farm stand that also sold local art and pottery. Alas – it was gone! Much to Wally’s happiness I’m sure!

Folly Island was our lunch-time destination and we decided to check out the ocean view. Folly Island is a neat little beach town with interesting restaurants and beachy little shops.

Welcome to Folly Island!

The Tides Hotel on Folly Island

The Tides "Blu" beach bar.

One of the locals had recommended The Tides beach bar for the view so we grabbed their convenient hotel free parking and it was early so didn’t have any problem getting a table. Note the couple’s creative food creature on the martini glass that was at the next table. At least I don’t play with my food… only take pictures of it!

We had a divine lemony hummus appetizer and cold beer and enjoyed people watching. The bar offered a great view of the umbrella-covered beach and local pier. Folly Beach is dog friendly and it was amusing to see dogs hanging out under the umbrellas.

Beach shepherd

As the beach bar didn’t have much in the way of seafood and that was what we were craving (as usual), so we paid up and walked down the street to the Crab Shack for a lunch of raw oysters and locally-caught fried shrimp, accompanied by some of their local beer.

The Crab Shack


We ambled back out on the street, which is only a few blocks long and then it turns into residential houses and cottages.

Folly parking

Wally was watching aghast as the woman walking
towards us was double-fisting ice cream cones!

Snapper Jacks

We were ready to head into Charleston for the afternoon and check into the Ansonborough Inn for the night. It was nap time for Wally – he needed a break from all the driving!

Crossing from Folly Beach bridge into Charleston

The pineapple fountain at Charleston's riverfront

We took a walk along the Charleston Riverwalk and was lured into the Southend Brewery for their wood-fired pizza and specialty brews. Then it was back to the room for an early night. The next morning we were headed north into North Carolina and Asheville. Stay tuned!

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