Creamy Blueberry Pie for 4th of July !

I’m be the first one to admit, I’m not much of a cook. I leave that to the expert in our house, my husband Wally. But occasionally I like to try to bake something sweet. As we have been picking gallons of blueberries from out blueberry patch, I have been staring at all these berries in mortification, wondering what in the world I was going to do with them all. Part of me hopes that the flock of robins that picked them clean last year will be returning, but the other part knows I would be madder than the dickens if they did.

When I was doing my Busy Bee June deliveries in Bowling Green, Ky., this month I stopped by the SKY Farmer’s Market in the hospital parking lot. There was a good mix of offerings and I picked up some fresh veggies we didn’t have yet, as well as a loaf of wheat bread. The lady said she started out by grinding the wheat berries and everything was all natural. It has been good sandwich bread.  I stopped by the booth where the fellow was selling blueberries and he had an assortment of blueberry recipes which I picked up. I asked him how he prevented birds picking the berries clean. He said they had their acres of blueberries netted and it was amazing how many birds could get through just a small hole! I didn’t think to get one of his cards, but if you check out the market you will probably see him during blueberry season.

He said his favorite recipe was the Creamy Blueberry Pie, so as it seemed simple enough (a requirement with my simple cooking skills), I tried it a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was the best blueberry pie I have ever put in my mouth ~ and that’s saying something as lots of pie has crossed through this mouth! It would be a great pie to make for your 4th of July festivities for your family and friends… and hey, you can buy your berries from me : ) We’ve got lots for sale and I can even deliver them along my Busy Bee delivery routes.

Here’s the recipe:

Here’s the first step completed…

With the sauce added…

For the next step it called for a pastry cutter but I didn’t have one so I used a fork, which worked okay…

The crumbly mixture added evenly over the pie, ready for the oven… If you wanted to make it a bit more fancy you could add some blueberries in a pattern, such as a flag or star or such on top of the crumbles.

And fresh out of the oven and ready to sample! It set up firmly on the inside and was just as good cold the next day out of the fridge as it was still warm from the oven. However, add some vanilla ice cream when it’s warm…Divine! I bet you could also substitute other kinds of berries if you don’t like blueberries.

I hope you decide to try it – let me know how yours turns out in case this was just a fluke on my part! If you need some berries, let me know! I’ll be picking for another month or so.

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