Lavender Dog Days, 2012

Bee in motion

I’m just too brain weary after being in the sun with 90 degrees and 100% humidity (or so it seemed) all day, picking blueberries, to give a destination blog my full attention, so will instead, just post my May photo shoot around the yard. We planted lots of lavender last year in hopes that the bees would be attracted to it and we would get some lavender honey, as well as a future item to sell. I love the smell of lavender and was so glad most of it made it through the winter and has flourished and bloomed. We planted Hidcote and Munstead English lavenders and the French Provence variety along the pond. The honeybees do seem to like it okay, but the bumblebees LOVE it!

Bee on Provence lavender

Lou, Bart and Tash

The old tobacco planter now resides in our flower bed

I planted gladiolus in front of our asparagus row this year

Over and out for the night… will have to do the berry picking blog in days to come. You know – in between berry picking!

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