Tim’s Ford Lake Scenery, Estill Springs, Tennessee

Since it’s 4th of July week and anyone that can be at the lake is probably there right now, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of our Tim’s Ford Lake snapshots. We’ve had a cabin in Highland Ridge Subdivision in Estill Springs, Tennessee, for a few years now and love the serenity and beauty of Tim’s Ford. As we drive into the neighborhood, we have to be careful of our neighborhood deer, as well as other critters such as red foxes we’ve seen hurrying across the streets.

Sadly for the neighborhood and community, our 2012 neighborhood fireworks show was cancelled due to the drought and fear of fire. We’ve enjoyed the amazing fireworks show and band that our association puts on every year. Boaters from around the lake usually congregate at our community dock area on the point to watch the show.

I’ll share a few of my favorites from around the lake today and have many more to share later…

This spring I arrived at the cabin just in time to photograph the most incredible sunset from the top of our driveway…

Tim’s Ford Sunset, Spring 2012

Looking across Tim’s Ford Lake from our driveway, spring 2012

I was in awe of the colorful show I had just witnessed…

That same week we got out on the lake and I had Wally chasing loons trying to get a good shot of them on another evening’s spectacular sunset. This one was more of a fireball orange display rather than the pinks and reds.

love hearing the call of the loons. One time we were there and brother-in-law Chris Dudiak and I had a discussion about whether there were loons at Tim’s Ford or not. We both had heard the bird call that morning, so I googled it and we listened to a loon on YouTube. He concurred that those “diving ducks” on the lake were indeed loons : )

Lone loon, Tim’s Ford sunset, 2012

It’s neat to watch the loons dive and then resurface a long distance from where they started…

Trio of loons…

Captain Wally

Cruising past Highland Ridge community dock

Tasha and Bart love to ride on the boat with us.

The navigators

Tasha – Fanning Bend new house on the corner lot is in the background. They are directly across the lake from us.

Lots of migratory water birds stop off at Tim’s Ford on their journeys and I love to see them floating and flying…

Little duck flock – not sure what they are?

And away they go…


Here fishy, fishy, fishy…

And some past 4th of July photos of our cabin…

Since we are on the last street in the neighborhood with the community dock, everyone has to pass our house to get to the fireworks show, so I like to have our patriotic colors showing…

Our cabin with the new deck,
before we enclosed the side porch – 2011

Cabin with new sunroom, 2012

That’s enough for now… I know everyone’s busy. Have a safe and fun holiday week!

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