Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ Nah Uxibal

Our favorite place to visit is Soliman Bay, Mexico, about an hour and a half south of Cancun and just 15 minutes north of Tulum. During certain times of the year, Delta has 3-hour non-stop flights from Nashville to Cancun, so we try to correspond our travels with their schedule.

My favorite palm

So what’s the draw? White sandy beaches, a protected bay, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, world-class snorkeling 30 steps from our porch, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, cenotes to cool off in, Mayan ruins to explore, turtle watching, a diverse mix of friendly people, an excellent variety of restaurants from European to local Mayan fare, relaxing massages… and so much more!

Soliman Bay is a serene half-moon bay with the reef running across the mouth, protecting it from big waves. It’s paradise for those that love to relax, snorkel, kayak and hang out under coconut palms in a hammock ~ like us.

Ahhhh…. paradise!

Our favorite home away from home, Casita IK at Nah Uxibal

Soliman sunbathers

One of my favorite reading spots

The bay has vacation rental homes from a single couple “casita” to sprawling mansions that can fit a family reunion or large wedding party. There is one boutique hotel on the bay with a restaurant on one end and on the opposite end a beach “shack” where you can get freshly made ceviche and mouth-watering fried fish.

Fresh fried hogfish… yum!

We’ve been going to Soliman Bay for about seven years or so, spending a week and sometimes two at a time before having to tear ourselves away to return home. We’ve tried other tropical places, but so far, Soliman Bay is “it” for us. Our home away from home has become Nah Uxibal or “House of Good Energy” which has two casitas, two studio apartments, a “big house” with two bedrooms, a huge main living area and porch, and upstairs is a pool table and tv room. Check out their website at to learn more… It’s very reasonable!

The most recent addition is a new house next door, Nah Lu’um Ka’an, “the house of earth and sky” that has three levels that can accommodate couples or small groups. Cooks will love the kitchens in the new house and the outdoor patios look out onto the beautiful bay.

Nah Uxibal’s “big house”

View from upstairs in the big house

Wally and fresh lobster….mmmm… lobster dripping in butter, lobster salad, lobster breakfast burrito…

Nah Uxibal from the water

Snorkel time in Soliman Bay… look at those calm waters!

Lady, Nah Uxibal’s dog, and morning turtle tracks

Sunrise on Soliman Bay

Me and my tree…

Tomorrow… packing and checklists for a week in Mexico!

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3 thoughts on “Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ Nah Uxibal

  1. we agree…. we’ve been other places, but there’s nothing like Soliman Bay. We just got back from Isla Holbox. While swimming with the whale sharks was a wonderful and unforgettable experience and Isla Holbox is lots of fun to visit, we really missed our time on Soliman Bay. Hugs to Lady.. and let me know how Cuca is…. (heard she had a hurt foot)

  2. Katherine Sakko

    Hi! Went to Tulum last year and loved everything except I wanted calm Caribbean waters that I can float around in and swim. There were too many waves in Tulum and I wondered if Soliman Bay was the place I’m looking for. BTW – I’m traveling alone so renting something small but beachfront is what I seek. Any ideas you may have are gratefully accepted.

    • Soliman Bay is the place you’re looking for! If you look at the aerial view of the bay, you’ll see that the reef runs along the mouth of the bay, protecting it from big waves. You can swim, snorkel and kayak in the bay. The snorkeling is amazing, and you’ll see a big variety of fish, rays, and even turtles in the bay around the corals and along the reef. There are some small cottages and apartments suitable for one person. Our “Home away from home” on the bay is Nah Uxibal, and they have studio apartments and casitas right on the water that are very reasonable. Visit their website at Check out more of my blog posts on Soliman Bay to get a feel for it. It is sometimes windy during the winter, so there will be more waves then, but it is always way better than along the rest of the unprotected coastline.

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