Snorkeling with Turtles in Akumal Bay, Mexico

This is going to be an introduction for Akumal and will have more posts later…

Akumal boats

Akumal beach

Akumal is about a 15-minute drive north of Soliman Bay (our home base at Nah Uxibal, and known for it’s year-round turtle population. This low-key petite community has a fabulous bay with a water-side restaurant – Lol-Ha, several dive shops, gift and artisan shops and various accommodations.

Boats bob in the bay, awaiting their dive and snorkel excursions, and there are lots of bobbing heads and bodies from snorkelers too. That’s because this calm, aquamarine bay is the year-round home for TURTLES and you can go snorkel with them for FREE. Of course they are in Soliman Bay at times too, but you just have a greater chance of seeing them in Akumal.

So, pack your snorkel gear, 2 towels (one to lie on and one to dry with), camera, etc. and when you go past the arched gate in Akumal, tell the rope attendant you are going to Lol-Ha Restaurant. When you get past them you’ll go around the corner and they have parking lot guys that you will tell “Lol-Ha and playa (for beach)” and they will direct you to a spot. Lock up your valuables and go find you a palm tree out on the beach.

Lol Ha Restaurant

Lol Ha table

Ready to snorkel

After you’ve snorkeled, you can go in the dive shop next to Lol-Ha and they have showers in the back. If you don’t have snorkel gear, you can rent it from them. Ask the life guards where the turtles are so you’ll know to stay out of the boat lane and where the turtles like to hang out.

Liz under the palm at Akumal

Lol Ha from water

Local children like having their pictures taken. These guys were heading out to snorkel too.

My snorkel gear

My view… : )

Ready to cruise with the tortugas!

Bumble bee Liz.. ready to snorkel!

We saw two good-sized turtles while we were out and lots of neat fish out near the mouth of the bay along the coral formations. Since the underwater camera I had borrowed had an unknown hole in the side we didn’t know about, I can’t show you the great photo of the big turtle with the two remora trailing her as she passed me by… or the smaller turtle that was having lunch on the sea grass… so you can only imagine… but it is so fun to see them. Just leave them alone and let them be.. unlike the guy that kept chasing the poor girl away from her lunch trying to video her. Enjoy and move on…

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