Millers Family Moravian & Court Records in NC

I have spent several years muddling through our Clinard and Miller family history. Our Lawrence Clinard married Rosina Miller in Salem, N.C., on Feb. 24, 1789 at the Salem Tavern. This is mentioned in the Moravian Records and thanks to my Clinard cousins in North Carolina was able to learn more about the Clinards. They came to Tennessee around 1804.

HOWEVER, figuring out which Frederick Miller was Rosina’s father and her family members has baffled me. There were just too many Fredericks in that area to know who was who for sure. I went to the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, N.C. in Old Salem a few years ago and spent the afternoon there. The curator made copies of all of Adelaide Fries (she translated all of the old German records) Miller family genealogy records and told me good luck figuring it out. (He is quite a character by the way).

We also knew that Lawrence’s sister, Catherine had married a Frederick Miller… but didn’t know which one. We also did not know what had become of Catherine and Frederick in the early 1800s. She is mentioned in their father’s will as Catherine Miller and supposed to get her “share” in 1802.

I came home from North Carolina with piles of research papers and sadly, I have not gotten to all of them yet. The Millers information has been naggling at me, but I just hadn’t gotten to it.

This past week, I had an Allen Miller email me inquiring about our Miller/Clinard connection. He was descended from a John Miller that from family history was the brother to our Frederick Miller that married Catherine Clinard. Hurray! Finally ~ maybe ~ a break…

As I dug through my files and piles today, I realized I have a gold mine of Miller information from the Moravian Archives just sitting here and wanted to share it with other researchers in hopes it would give them that “Eureka” moment. I realized I had our Frederick Miller information right here, but still have some questions.

This is our Friedrich Miller line… note – Lawrence did NOT remarry to Simmerman. We have family Bible records showing “Rosa” and Laurence as the parents of Lewis, their youngest child, in 1815 in Tennessee.

Here is the will of Frederick Miller leaving his estate to his Grimes grandchildren: (This date does not correspond with the birth date of Catherine who married Jacob Grimes ??? input??)

ROWAN County, NC Feb 16, 1789

DEED Frederick Miller to Grimes Grandchildren

To all Christian people to Whome this present writing shall come, Greeting. Knw Ye that I, Frederick Miller, of Rowan County in the State of North Carolina for in consideration of the love good will and affection which I have and do bear towards by grandchildren the Children of Jacob Grimes and my daughter, Catherine, the wife of the said Jacob Grimes. Namely George Grimes, Mary Grimes, Susannah Grimes, Catharine Grimes, Magdaline Grimes, and Eve Grimes.

Here given and granted and by these present do fully, freely and clearly and absolutely give and grant to my above named grandchildren and their heirs and assings all that certain lott of land and premises hereafter mentioned and described:

Lying in the County af’sd on the waters of Farmer’s Creek being a plantation whereon the said Jacob Grimes now dwells: it being a lot of land that I purchased from the said state as by deed lawfully esxecuted for the sur conveyance of the same reference thereunto had will ore fully and at lare appear.

Beginning at Post Oat tree thence running East Crossing said Creek….fifty chains to a black oak tree, Thence North 60 chains to a post Oak sapling, Thence West fifty chains to a white oak tree, Thence South 60 chains to the beginning.

Including 300 acres of land be the same more or less bounded North by Edward Burk and land surveyed for Phillip Craver and west by Joseph Dial.

Together with all the righ title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever which I now have or which any or either of my heirs Exers or Adms may hereafter have of in or to the said granted premises or any part thereof to have and to hold the said granted premises unto my above named grandchildren and to their heirs and assigns forever and in case all my above mentioned grandchildren should die and leave no lawful living issue, then the right of the above granted premises is to return to my right and lawful heir.

In witness whereof I, the said Frederick Miller have freely and absolutely hereunto set my hand and seal the 16th day of February in the year of our Lord 1789.

Frederick Miller  (his mark)

In Presence of: John McCurry

State of N. Carolina, Nov Session 1789.  Rowan County.

It is hereby certified that the within deed was duely proved in Open Court by the Oath of Devolt Mock, a subscribing Witness recorded in the Clerk’s office according to law and ordered to be registered.

Test.   Osborn C.C.

(**this second page goes with above Friederich Miller family)

Our line continued.

I’ll let you know if Allen is able to help us connect some dots to our Rosina and Fredericks… He will have to peruse these and see if he figures out if our Johns and Fredericks match up!

So here is a gallery of 18 pages from the Moravian Archives Miller family histories. They are not to be reproduced without permission from the archives and if you glean information from them for you family trees, please note the source for future generations. I’m also including pages from the Moravian Records that mention the Millers and Kleinerts. Note again, can not be reprinted without permission from Moravian Archives.

The two cemetery entries are Miller and Kleinert girl children buried in the Moravian God’s Acre in Salem, N.C. Note they are the children of my Lawrence and Rosina Kleinert and Catherine and Frederick Miller (Lawrence’s sister). I do not have the boy’s listing for some reason.

I also did some digging into Stokes County early records and have some of the wills and such and will include those as well. My mother was helping and hand-wrote 3 of the wills as there was no copier available.

I’m still trying to figure out how the John and Joseph Miller in Coopertown fit in.

Let me know what you discover!

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5 thoughts on “Millers Family Moravian & Court Records in NC

  1. Beth Clinard Richards

    I’m so excited about finding your blog. For years I have been trying to locate the parents of Davis Clinard(b.1817NC), and I’m hoping that somewhere in your pages I might find a connection. I have the whole weekend to search your pages looking.

  2. Beth, have you corresponded with Rick Russell in Asheville, NC or David Clinard in Georgia? They have also both been searching for Davis Clinard clues and have done extensive research. Read my earlier blog “Reminiscing with NC Clinards” and go to their website to learn what they’ve researched so far. Maybe you can offer them new clues. Let us know if you find anything!

  3. Brenda Gartside

    Jamie, Thanks for all the info! Would the deed from Frederick Miller to his Grimes grandchildren be a deed of gift instead of a will? All of this is so very interesting. Thanks again for sharing your research! Brenda

  4. Jack Johnston

    This is a wonderful site. I have been researching David Johnston who owned land next to Adam Grimes and Frederick Miller at the head of Farmers Creek in Rowan County in 1778. It appears many of these neighbors went either to Robertson or Williamson County TN.

    David Johnston appears to be my 6th Great Grandfather. He lost his left arm in the Revolutionary War, moved west to Wytheville VA.
    then to Logan County KY, and finally to Franklin, Williamson County TN where he died in 1829.

    I have written a lengthy research paper on David and his travels. It includes Rowan County land abstracts for Adam Grimes and Frederick Miller. You may have them, but if not, please let me know, and I will forward you this research.

    Again, this is a wonderful site.

    • Thanks Jack! I would love for you to forward your research info! We are still trying to figure out exactly which Frederick Miller from Rowan was ours (there appear to have been 4 or so, probably several generations with same name). I think the one that was the brother-in-law to my Lawrence Clinard/Kleinert was the son of Frederick Miller (Rosina Miller’s father Frederick is mentioned in Moravian records) and I think the younger generation Frederick married Catherine Clinard. A Miller descendant contacted me to say that his family info had Frederick and Catherine moving to Sumner Co, TN, which I have found record of, but no death info for either of them. I think he said they moved on to Ky.

      Another item of interest in your research that might help me would be about Lawrence Clinards’s brother, Henry Clinard. He married Mary Rosenbaum Hinkle and they lived in Wythe Co, VA and then we think she died and he came on to TN to be with his brother. I found him recently in the 1820 Fed Census for Williamson County, TN. Does any of your research show land, marriage or death records for him or possibly any of his children in Williamson? I have been meaning to go research this but haven’t gotten to it. I think he had four sons and six daughters and I know one married in Williamson as that marriage record is what led me to look for him in the census there. I can’t find him for sure in 1830 census but quite a few of his children moved to Stewart County. I have them marrying a Marcum, Crank, Brumley, Alexander, McCoy and Gross but still lots of unknowns.

      I’m in contact with a Grimes descendant and I will forward to her as well as I’m sure she’d love to read through it for any Grimes clues.

      My regular email is – I look forward to getting your material. Thanks for sharing! Jamie

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