Ogles Family Photos, Manchester, Tennessee

“Indian John Ogles and wife Margaret, Manchester, TN. From George Ogles collection. This is the oldest Ogles photo.

These first three images are from George Ogles, grandson of Wiley B and Ida Crosslin Ogles.

John Ogles, Manchester, TN history, from Ogles Family book, George Ogles collection. This is “Indian John” from the above picture

Here is Thomas Jefferson Ogles and his second or third wife, Caroline Uselton

Thomas J. Ogles & Caroline Uselton

Next is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson Ogles, (1852-1917) that is in the possession of Linda Ogles Dudiak, daughter of Aubrey Lee Ogles and Atha Manning.

Thomas Jefferson Ogles, 1852-1917

Here is Thomas Jefferson Ogles and two brothers (waiting to get confirmation on who’s who, but aren’t these guys spooky!!)

Thomas Jefferson Ogles, Hercules & Abner Ogles, brothersThomas Jefferson Ogles was the father of Wiley B. Ogles, pictured below with his bride, Ida Crosslin.

Wiley B Ogles, Ida Crosslin Ogles, might be wedding photo

Wiley B Ogles, Ida Crosslin Ogles, might be wedding photo

This next portrait is Ida Crosslin’s mother, Elvira Palestine Horton. This picture is now in the possession of Linda Ogles Dudiak.

Elvira Palestine Horton Crosslin, wife of James Thomas Crosslin clsup

Elvira Palestine Horton Crosslin, wife of James Thomas Crosslin

According to George Ogles, “The woman pictured above is Elvira Palestine Horton, wife of James Thomas Crosslin, parents of Ida Crosslin who married my paternal grandfather Wiley B. Ogle(s). Personally, I think that my paternal grandmother Elvira Palestine Horton and her daughter Ida Crosslin favored each other in looks and probably were similar in their dogmatic, and “rule the roost” ways. Wiley B. Ogles married Elvira Palestine Horton 15 Jan. 1899 in the Noah Community, Coffee County, which was on the border of Rutherford County whose county seat was Murfreesboro the first capital of the state of Tennessee. As you know, Murfreesboro is located in the exact middle of the state of Tennessee and for a few years was the capital of the state.

    As long as I can remember, Mama always kept her mother’s framed photo in the upstairs sleeping area of their home that Papa build a few years after he and Mama (Ida Crosslin) were married in Jan. 1899.
Papa and Mama bought (in Mama’s name) an acre lot located about a quarter mile from the jail bridge on U.S. 41 over Little Duck river, that served as the northern city limits of  Manchester. Papa’s only sister Hattie Ogle by their common mother, married Rev. Joseph Carroll Haley of Murfreesboro, sold the lot to Mama and Papa where Papa built a house and outbuilding where he and Mama lived the rest of their lives.”

~ ~ ~

Here is Wiley and Ida Ogles and their family in Manchester, Tennessee

Wiley and Ida Ogles family picture

Ida Crosslin Ogles and her grandson, Aubrey Lee Ogles

Ida Crosslin Ogles, Aubrey Lee Ogles baby

Ida Crosslin Ogles and son Horace Ogles

Ida Crosslin Ogles, son Horace Ogles

Horace married Elinor Edgin from Dickson, Tennessee, she’s pictured on the far right. We don’t know who the other two girls are or what the occasion was.

Elinor Edgin, far right, 3 girls w:hats

Wiley and Ida and Atha Manning Ogles, their grand daughter-in-law and wife of Aubrey Lee Ogles. She looks to be pregnant with Linda!

Wiley B, Ida Ogles, Atha Manning Ogles

Wiley B. Ogles & Ida Crosslin Ogles, dressed up

Wiley B Ogles and wife Ida Crosslin Ogles, about 1942. From George Ogles collection.

I think this house picture was Wiley and Ida’s but not sure if someone could confirm that?

? Ogles house

The rest of the photos are from Aubrey Lee Ogles and Atha Manning Ogles. A few years ago we gathered up all their photos and had Atha go through and identify who were in the photos. Her daughters, Linda Dudiak and Susie Bass, along with Susie’s daughter, Alison and I were there, and it was so neat to hear all of Atha’s memories that the photos triggered. I scanned many of the old ones and will put them in a gallery here so everyone can enjoy. These include the Ogles, Mannings, Tiptons, Crosslins, Kings and a few associated families from Manchester, Tennessee. There are also some letters George Ogles wrote home while in the military and interesting newspaper clippings. I have their collection of old newspapers with family articles if anyone in the family ever wants anything from those. Let me know if there are any of the unidentified that you can put names on.

Mildred, Aubrey Lee and Beryl Ogles

Aubrey Lee, Jimmy and George Ogles

Aubrey Lee Ogles in Japanese uniform, WWII

Aubrey Lee Ogles in his captured Japanese uniform, WWII

Aubrey Lee Ogles and Novascomi, WWII

Here’s a whole gallery of assorted family pictures…

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