Soliman Bay, Mexico: Dinner at Chamico’s

Located at the south end of Soliman Bay, Mexico is a taste of seafood heaven. Just a short walk for guests at Nah Uxibal, or any of the vacation rentals for lunch or dinner – before dark.

Headed down the bay for dinner at Chamico’s Beach Shack

Look for the shipwrecked boat at the end of the bay, and Chamico’s is just past it.

Soliman shipwreck

Nothing fancy, just a shack where a local family prepares the food, a few plastic tables and chairs, and an open air fire grate where fish is fried in a big skillet.

Fish being fried at Chamicos

Just walk up, grab a table and chairs and order cold beverages and their fresh-made seafood ceviche and fresh-caught fish. No menus, no credit cards, not much English spoken. Key words: cerveza, soda, agua, ceviche, pescado filet or pescado whole.

Our group… What a fabulous dinner with friends! Thanks Ron!

The view can’t be beat, and you can send the young folks over to the water to frolic. It’s also okay to BYOB – or bring your on booze or wine, beer, etc. They keep the basics stocked for beer, soda and water.

Our dinner view to the south from our table ~ as the sun went down…

The best is when it’s lobster season… Mmmmm… Lobster ceviche…

Mixed seafood (with lobster) ceviche. This was hands-down the best I’ve ever had.

A little mood music by Casey…

You can get up, move around while you wait for dinner (or go sneak a cigarette)

Wally loves Chamico’s

Whole fish or “pescado” – it’s delicious

Oma and Ron


Happy Nett (Today’s her birthday)

Best friends…

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3 thoughts on “Soliman Bay, Mexico: Dinner at Chamico’s

  1. Karen S.

    Are those Corgis I see in one of your photos (above)? I love those little buggers, and have one of my own. We’ll be down again in November 🙂

    • Yes, we have two corgis, a red heeler and a Cajun corgi-kindof-critter we rescued. They love to travel with us, except the red heeler. They just don’t get to go to Mexico : )

  2. i’m so jealous! You were there with the whole gang! Jeannette, Skip, her Mom, Ron, Terri, Casey….. Oh… we were there with them over the past years. Those times are the best…. Wish we had gone there instead of Holbox…. So much fun!

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