Mezzanine, Tulum Beach, Mexico

When we visit Soliman Bay and Tulum, Mexico, one of our favorite places for a late lunch and 2 x 1 cocktails is Mezzanine on Tulum Beach. Their Thai food is heavenly, the drinks strong and the view and people watching is unbeatable.

Pad thai, sweet and sour chicken and 2 x 1 margaritas… Yummm!

Mezzanine beach signs

Dine by the water

Lounge lizards welcome…

But some areas are reserved for guests…

Wally working on the ritas

Since it’s 2 x 1 margaritas, we order two different kinds and then share. Same goes for the meals.

Their street entrance

Beach view from Mezzanine

Our friendly and efficient server

Their outdoor bar

Mother and child enjoying the surf

Life of the lizards… lucky guys!

About their chef…

Happy hour!


Until next time…

Check out their website at:

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2 thoughts on “Mezzanine, Tulum Beach, Mexico

  1. Absolutely one of our favorite places in Tulum… if not THE favorite. Awesome food, awesome drinks, awesome staff…. they have remembered us when we come back. So nice.

  2. tulumliving

    I love this spot too! The people are great- the view is amazing and the food is to die for!!!!! They also have 2×1 food specials sometimes also. You can check out the Tulum Calendar for what specials they are doing!

    Great Pictures!!!!!

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