Coopertown, TN group visits Mammoth Cave, circa 1908

I was digging around this afternoon and discovered a box in my bonus room from my parent’s stuff. It was a box of old photos from my grandmother, Thelma Head Bowie, and I had seen a few of them, but some I had NEVER seen. My mom told me that the last year before Grandmother had died she had given them this box that had some of her favorite photos. It contained several albums of when she attended Coopertown School in the 1930s, along with her reunion books and quite a few Head family photos. It also had correspondence about her Holmes and Bradley family trees when they were working on the “Head Holmes” family book.

This was my favorite find of the batch so I am just going to post it now. On the back was written by my grandmother “Jesse and Lula Head & a group”. They married Feb. 28, 1910, so I would think this would have been taken a year or two before that as they moved to Arkansas shortly after they married. I’m still trying to figure out which ones they are!

Check out their bandanas and cave crawling socks and shoes and the men’s hats…

Maybe some of you Coopertown folks can identify your relatives? Let me know!

Circa 1908-1909 Coopertown Group visiting Mammoth Cave

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One thought on “Coopertown, TN group visits Mammoth Cave, circa 1908

  1. Jamie, it’s great to see your dynamic website and blog!! I love the look as well as the content. I’ve just posted something on the Mayor’s Mansion Inn on my new blog ( I mentioned the Busy Bee Trader, because the first time I visited the inn it was to write a story for Busy Bee! Click here to view this post:
    Hope all is well with you! Rusha

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