Soliman Bay’s Wild Side and Tidal Pools, Mexico

One of the charms of staying on Soliman Bay, Mexico, is taking a walk on the beach to explore nature. When you walk to the northern point of the bay and turn the corner, the beach falls away and sharp rocks and dead coral lie ahead.  We always enjoy exploring what has washed in (there does tend to be piles of trash in spots) and what sea creatures are hanging out in the tidal pools at low tide.

Morning glory beach creeper

In July I was thrilled to capture a few shy residents when I went for an early morning walk. Just a little ways past the last houses on the bay there’s a scrubby open area with a wetlands. The very first thing I saw as I got to the open area was a brown creature with a long tail quickly trotting towards cover… Sadly, I was so excited and was running to try to capture his picture, and my second shot was blurry : (

Coati tail

Soliman Bay coati

I looked it up in the “What did I see” book back at Nah Uxibal and here is their description of a coati.

The next thing I spied was a little owl sitting in a small tree. I did get a good shot of it…

Pygmy owl

And he (or she) quietly winged away… Here’s a description from “What Did I See?”…

Owl description…

I saw movement in the tree next to me and realized it was iguanas hanging out in the trees!

Old iguana in the tree

In the top of the tree was a pair of mockingbirds that were chorusing at me the whole time.


Some type of stork birds must have been nesting nearby, as they swooped back and forth overhead, screeching at me the entire time to GO AWAY!

Go Away! Go Away! he keep screeching….

Stork bird

Morning and evening are the best times to explore as it isn’t as hot and the light is better for photography. We load up a backpack with some cold drinks and follow the narrow trail along the bay. The following shots were taken in the late afternoon at low tide.

Wally headed to the point

We rounded the corner and an eagle took off with a fish clutched in it’s claws – unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to capture him with the camera…

Evening tidal pools

Brain coral formation along the path

As you look into the tidal pools you’ll find lots of interesting creatures hiding under rocks and clinging to the sides…

Not sure what the Trilobite looking thing is?

Dead urchin shell on creeper vegetation

Here’s a gallery with lots more interesting shots of the tidal pools from our excursions:

So when you’re out in nature, stop and look around… you never know what you might see!

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