Park City, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Day 2

Day Two of our Utah to Wyoming Travels:

We were up bright and early to see a glorious sunrise from our balcony at Newpark Hotel.

Sunrise from our Newpark Hotel balcony

Before we hit the I-80 to head to Wyoming, I wanted to stop off at the local landmark just up the street, the McPolin Barn, built in 1908. It had been a family-owned farm that was homestead in 1886  and was purchased by the Citizens of Park City to preserve it and the land around it for the community. A hiking and biking trail runs along the edge of the property. I love the character of old barns and you’ll see lots of them in my photos, recording the history of our farmers.

McPolin Barn, front view, Park City, Utah

McPolin Barn, side view, Park City, Utah

Bird sculpture that sits by the path next to the McPolin Barn & house

The McPolin House sits just downhill from the barn

Visitors can learn more about the McPolin Barn and house and their history at Park City’s website page:

Another reason I had wanted to stop off here was I had read somewhere about there being sandhill cranes in the area, and was curious if we could spot some. Just after I snapped a picture of the house something flying caught my eye… CRANES!!!!

Sandhill cranes from McPolin Barn

I LOVE the misty mountains in the background! As they flew out of sight, a hawk swooped by…

Wally was done with birdwatching and ready to hit the road…

Let’s Go!!!

Along the way…

Since I’m so snap-happy, I have tons of pictures from our drive so I’m going to post them in a gallery after the next one, which is one of my favorites. We had stopped along a narrow road where there were two Porsches parked by a wrecked car and I glimpsed the moon above the mountains.

Wyoming moon over mountain

Along the way we saw antelope, a cowboys at work, old barns and homesteads, endless farms, trout streams dammed by the busy beavers and more. We stopped off in a little community of Woodruff, Wyoming when I saw teepees and “antiques” at a little cabin. Actually, I made Wally turn around and go back after promising him I wouldn’t make him go to Fossil Butte to look at rocks…

Woodruff, Wyoming craft and antique shop

That’s enough for today.. more adventures to come!

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