Afton and Star Valley, Wyoming to Jackson

Picking up where I left off from my last entry, we continued north towards Jackson Hole, Wyoming, our destination for the night. We headed north up U.S. 89, passing farm land and forests along the way. After climbing upwards a ways we came to a scenic overlook at Salt River Pass.

Wally at Salt River Pass with the Lytro

Salt River Pass signs and info

Salt River Pass – what a view!

Lander Cut-off sign

From there we descended and came into Star Valley, which is ranching territory. I enjoyed the distinctive entrances at the ranches along the way.

Star Valley carved wood eagle entrance

Old Wyoming homestead

We were getting hungry and Afton, Wyoming was just ahead on our route. Afton is home to the world’s largest elk arch built in 1957 and it was quite impressive.

Afton antler arch

The downtown of Afton is only about three blocks so you can park and walk both sides of the street. I enjoyed browsing an independent new and used book store, gift stores, and a large furniture and accessory gallery.

Love the honey bear!

My only Grizzly encounter of the trip.

After browsing the shops we filled up our water bottles at the free spring water fountain under the arches and headed towards Jackson.

The next impressive site was going through the Targhee National Forest driving alongside the Snake River. We stopped off at one of the lookout points to check out the view.

Targhee National Forest

Our first memorable sight coming into Jackson from the south was this photogenic barn and farm.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming farm

That’s it for now…. We’ve arrived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and tons of great adventures to come! Stay tuned…

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