Arriving in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We arrived in Jackson Hole in the late afternoon and decided to scout out the town to get oriented. The town square was easy to find and we went around it and out towards National Elk Refuge and The Grand Tetons on the north side of the square. For those of you that are going for the first time, the Elk Refuge is just a short walk from the square to the refuge.

We stopped in the Visitor’s Center that is just before to the Elk Refuge to get maps and information on the area. They have a really great center and I encourage all tourists to stop in when in the area. All of the visitor centers in the area and in the parks encourage water refills for water bottles, so be sure and fill up!

The National Elk Refuge is on the right side of the road and there’s a pullout to stop and look over the river bordered by a scenic marsh area. Trumpeter swans are the kings of this domain and share it with migratory ducks and other waterfowl. The elk hadn’t come down from the mountains yet, so we only got to enjoy the birds.

The National Elk Refuge sign

Trumpeter swans and ducks in the refuge

Trumpeter swans

Mallard duck on the wing

A cedar waxwing was eating berries off bushes

Wally’s friend that we were visiting, Patrick “Poot” McFarlin, recommended we meet him at his favorite local bar, The Silver Dollar Bar in the historic Wort Hotel, so after bird watching, we headed the few blocks back into town and found a primo parking spot right outside their door.

The Historic Wort Hotel lobby entrance

The lobby is welcoming and filled with great local art and rustic accents…

The Wort fireplace and moose

The Wort lobby, cowboy painting

The Wort Hotel lobby, Indian painting

The bar is on the opposite corner of the hotel on a separate street entrance, so we found us a spot and ordered a local special brew.

Silver Dollar Bar beer

Now, I think I had the Snake River Lager (or three) and I remember it being reallllly good. The singer/band was warming up for their show a little later in the evening, so we enjoyed a bit of their local country/western music. I should have written their name down but didn’t..

Silver Dollar Bar singer

Silver Dollar Bar & Grill

After a while, a few travelers came in and joined us at the bar and their accents peaked my curiosity. We got to talking and they were English – one had moved to the area and was hosting visiting family from England. They had gone to The Grand Tetons and were excited about their moose sightings. They shared photos they had taken and told me where they had seen them, so I was taking notes for our Tetons outing the next day.

Wally’s friend showed up to meet us after that and we took our leave from the Silver Dollar Bar. His two trusty yellow labs, Sally and Boudreaux were waiting patiently in his truck for their evening run, so we followed him to his neighborhood “dog run” area, just across from Horsethief Canyon.

We got a big kick out of his dog walking technique… open door, let dogs out and they take off through the local nature preserve area to do their business and jump in the creek.

Wally, Poot and Sally

Note that directly behind Wally and Poot is Horsethief Canyon… which will be in flames tomorrow… Sadly, this was the only picture I got of Wally and Poot while we were there so yes, I know it’s not a great picture, but this was a 20+ – year reunion so needed documenting.

End of the day swim

Well, that’s it for tonight… the rest of the evening was too fun to photograph, with lots of catching up on Murfreesboro memories and lots of drinks and such. Needless to say, Poot did not make it out to go elk bow hunting bright and early as he had planned.

We did make it up and out – eventually – to tour part of The Grand Tetons. Stay tuned for mule deer, moose, great scenery and the beginning of the Horsethief Canyon Wildfire!

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4 thoughts on “Arriving in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  1. Denise Dewire

    Hi Pam. We were the couple you met at the Elephant Head Lodge in the dining room. Great info, pictures & blog! Wish I was still in Jackson & Yellowstone!

  2. Yes, you can friend me at Jamie Dudiak and get my post updates : )

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