Grand Tetons, Nat’l Museum of Wildlife Art, Taste of the Tetons, Horsethief Canyon Fire Grows

For our morning outing to the Grand Tetons, I was on the hunt for a black bear sighting so we headed to the Teton Village Entrance side of the park to drive up Moose-Wilson Road. It was reported that the bears had been feeding on berries in the woods along the road, and sure enough, cars were parked along the shoulder of the road. We parked and joined the others to see what was clamoring around in the bushes.

Black bear in berry bushes

We headed on up the road and stopped at an overlook on the right where some moose were down in the little valley eating willows by a pond. They were too far away for a good shot so we kept going. The road comes out by the Tetons Welcome Center we had visited the day before, so we left the park and headed back towards Jackson. At the Gros Ventres River bridge, there were cars stopped again, so we pulled off to see what the moose were up to.

However, this time they were on the Tetons side of the bridge and it was a bull moose twice the size of the one the day before. Wow!

We also spied a mule deer by the river but it was too far away for a good picture. The National Museum of Wildlife Art was my next stop on the way into Jackson, It’s just on the edge of town and overlooks the National Elk Refuge. Large bronze wildlife sculptures cavort along the hill and the building of the museum is stone and blends with the terrain.

I would highly recommend this museum to anyone that appreciates wildlife and wildlife art in all its forms. Be sure and block off some time to work you way through the galleries and one whole side is dedicated to art that is available for sale, so you can take home a wonderful souvenir to remember your trip to Jackson.

The “Taste of the Tetons” Festival was in full swing on the Jackson Square when we arrived in town and found a parking spot. Tents were set up around the square with local arts and crafts vendors and restaurants offered select food and drink items. They also had a wine tasting tent for those that wanted to check out the local wines. You bought $1 tickets at the square entrance and then could get food and drink items at the different tents – thus the “taste” of the Tetons.

Taste of the Tetons tents

We sampled our way around the square and ran into our hostess, Kim Wynn

Wally and Kim Wynn, Taste of the Tetons

My dessert was the Huckleberry Buckle – delicious!

A neat looking outdoors store and art gallery lured me inside and they had clothing, accessories, a fly shop and upstairs was a fabulous art gallery. It was Jack Dennis Outdoors and they have been in business there for 40 years. Check out their website at I loved their art gallery upstairs. Here’s some snapshots for my fellow art lovers:

JD Wyoming Gallery

And a view from their balcony overlooking the Square and festival…

Antler wreath

Turpin Gallery is just off the Square

We finished up on the Square and met our house hosts Poot and Kim on the edge of town at Cutty’s Bar, where the locals were hanging out watching football and the Horsethief Canyon wildfire grow behind Jackson.

Plane that was dropping fire retardant

Poot and his friends had been out elk bow hunting and had lots of exciting tales to tell. Dogs are welcome at Cutty’s and we had fun tossing the tennis ball for them.

Well, that’s enough for today! Tomorrow we’ll say goodbye to Jackson and head north to Yellowstone and our lodging for the next three nights, Elephant Head Lodge in Wapiti Valley.

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