Jackson Hole to Yellowstone Park

It was time to leave Jackson Hole and journey to Yellowstone, so we said goodbye to Poot and Kim, Sally and Boudreaux…

Sally and Boudreaux

Poot and Kim’s house

It came up a quick storm right before we left, then the clouds cleared out as we went along.

Chair at Dornan’s at Moose, Wyoming, the stopping spot for gas, food and sundries.

Horses turned out to pasture for the winter

Crazy cloud face…

Wally at Jenny Lake edge

Leaving the Grand Tetons…

Hello, Yellowstone…

We ended up following these guys quite a ways

Me at the Yellowstone River near one of the waterfalls


Our destination for the afternoon was the Elephant Head Lodge outside the East Entrance of Yellowstone so we took the loop towards the right past Fishing Bridge. The road follows Yellowstone Lake and there are several nice pullouts where you can stop and have a picnic – which we did.

Yellowstone Lake

I was quite surprised as I sat eating my sandwich, when a little gray bird landed on my shoe!

A little birdie on my shoe

Our next excitement was a buffalo jam in the meadow area by the lake.

Buffalo crossing

There were lots of bulls fighting, some bulls chasing cows, some calves nursing mamas in the middle of the road…

Bulls fighting

Roadside lunch!

Pond by Yellowstone Lake the buffalo like to hang around

That’s all for now.. next up, we arrive at Elephant Head Lodge for the night in the Wapiti Valley.

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