La Buena Vida Restaurant and Akumal, Mexico

Whenever we visit Soliman Bay, Mexico, to stay at our favorite paradise, Nah Uxibal,, we usually do most of our eating at the casa. However, once or twice during our stay we’ll pick a favorite restaurant and go for a fun outing. One of our favorites is Buena Vida Restaurant in North Akumal, about 15 minutes north of Soliman Bay.

You can shop in Akumal along the way and see some of the sights in town…

Statue after you pass through the gate into Akumal

Super Chomak is on your right as you enter Akumal and you can get groceries, liquor, souvenirs and tee-shirts. They also have a lunch counter.

There is a great Mexican artisan shop just through the gate to the right.

There is also a wide selection of Mexican touristy things in the open air market stalls to the left.

Cueva del Pescador offers food choices as well, specializing in fresh fish that they will cook up for you.

To get to La Buena Vida, go on past Cueva Del Pescador and the big dive shop and keep going down the stone road until you see the restaurant on your right. There are also a few shops across the street that have Mexican crafts.

Whether you go to La Buena Vida during the day or night, it’s a great experience. If it’s a nice day, take your towel and bathing suit and you can take a dip in the bay or their pool right next to the restaurant. Have a cocktail and lunch and then a nap in their multitude of hammocks that await. If you need a better view out over the ocean, climb up in the crow’s nest and have your bucket of suds hoisted up from below.

We saw critters running around when we parked and grabbed the cameras to capture this coati family hanging out by the gift shop.

The babies are SO cute!

We had arrived at our destination… La Buena Vida, “The Good Life”, and so it is…

They open at 11 a.m. for lunch and stay open for dinner. Happy hour is daily 5-7, so you know what time we usually get there. Oh, and they take credit cards. Hurray! Tequila for everyone!

These “Chi Chi” cinnamon drinks were yummy, especially paired with nachos for a snack.

It was a blustery day but that’s okay every now and then…

Our gang gathered for refreshments and dinner!

And then the food started arriving… My stomach started growling as I was posting this. Good thing Wally’s got chili on the stove so I can have some NACHOS later!

Nothing like a great meal complemented by a side shot of Centenario tequila and a margarita on the rocks…

Now you see why they have all those hammocks… And this might be the one that drinks WAY too much tequila… (glad it wasn’t me : )

Adios Amigos! Until we return…

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