The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Using Sedona, Arizona as our base, we headed out to spend the day exploring the Grand Canyon. We went at the end of September so the tourist season was over and things would be more quiet. This photo is from the Airport Road in Sedona at sunrise with the fog creeping out of Oak Creek Canyon into Sedona.

sedona sunrise, fog in oak ck vall

The drive up through Oak Creek Canyon is amazing and has been named as one of the most scenic drives in America. Zane Grey wrote several books based in the area and his “Call of the Canyon” was based in Oak Creek Canyon. You can read more about the history of the area at:

The scenery through Flagstaff changes to more mountainous terrain with pine trees and meadows and be on the lookout for wildlife as you drive. Once you get outside Flagstaff on the north side the land opens up into canyon country.

When we arrived at the entrance of the Grand Canyon by the visitor’s center we were greeted by a group of elk that were hanging out by the water sprinklers. How amazing to get to see these guys close up in the wild, even if they were used to seeing hordes of people! NOTE: I used a zoom lens when taking these – DO NOT get close to the wildlife!

elk at GC entrance, car xing

Elk bull closeup, vert

elk bull front view

elk bull side view

Elk bull, jamie, wally

elk bull standing with doe

elk youngster eating leaves

elk youngster

elk, young looking sideways

elks lying with car passing

From the visitor’s center we began the stop and go drive along the South Canyon Rim. The views from each lookout are different so it’s worth the time to make the stops. I took tons of pictures so here you go…

2 ravens on rail, gcgc cedar mtn, raven flyinggrand canyon 1grand can, hori, lookout pt 2grand canyon 2

Tusayan indian pot 1

tusayan lg potstusayan kivi circletusayan pot exhibittusayan pots with beans, corntusayan pot 2tusayan yellow bloom

grand canyon 4grand canyon 5grand canyon hor 10grand canyon hori 15grand canyon hori 16grand canyon hori 22

chipmunk at Lookout, Gc

bee on aster 2

grand canyon hori 38grand canyon hori, rock perchedgrand canyon hori, tree foreggrand canyon vert 6grand canyon vert 16grand canyon vert 17grand canyon jamie, wally, pano3grand canyon vert 37

prickly pear pre-bloomraven on rail, vert, gcraven on ledge, vert gcraven, balus at GCpuffy blooming bushraven closeup

grand canyon wally on rim wavinggrand canyon, hori, cedar mtngrand canyon, jamie, wally panoramagrand canyon, vert, shrubgrand canyon, wally 1grand canyon, wally on overlook

Jamie at GC rim, 9:30:2010

honeybee on yellow flwer, gc

grand canyon lookout tower ext

lookout tower int, looking up

lookout tower interior center

mexic cliffrose closeupmexican cliffrose sign

yellow & aster flowers

yucca sign

Here’s your link for The Grand Canyon Park information:

We left the Grand Canyon and headed towards the Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation for lunch. There really is nothing else for miles and it’s worth the visit. I enjoyed watching a Navajo woman weaving and she told me a bit about the process. She does expect a tip if you take her photo while weaving. Our lunch was good and of course we had to try the fry bread. It was good, but heavy. The trading post has tons of Navajo and Southwest souvenirs so take some time to browse and shop.

cameron post extcameron post, small

cameron trading post, wally

cameron trade post dining room

cameron dining room, tiffany glass

cameron nav rugs 1

navajo weaver, cameron

navajo rugs, 2, cameron

If you’ve ever wondered what the Navajo Reservation looks like, here it is… wide open lands scattered with trailers and small homes. It really makes you appreciate what you have back at home, and also makes you realize that not everyone is so fortunate…

navajo homes 2

Navajo trailers, res

Our last stop was a quick drive through of the Wupatki National Monument, just north of Flagstaff.

wupatki bldg inter

wupatki desert view 2

wupatki pueblo in field

wupatki pueblos 3

wupatki pueb with wally

wupatki view of desertwupatki pueb 1

Wupatki wall

That was more than enough for the day, so we headed back to Sedona to rest our weary selves. Next stop, Jerome, Arizona…

grand canyon, jamie, wally panora 2

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