Oak Creek Canyon’s West Fork Trail, Sedona, Arizona

AZ, Sedona West Fork orchard, rocks

As we were staying in the midst of the red rocks and had done a short hike towards Bell Rock, I wanted to do a hike in Oak Creek Canyon for a different view. A much recommended trail was the Call of the Canyon West Fork Trail, which is located above Slide Rock Park.

AZ, West Fork Trail sign

I would suggest hiking this trail in spring, summer or fall to see the fields of fern and apple trees in their full color. It had already frosted when we visited so it wasn’t as pretty and deep in the canyon it was COLD! The apple trees in the orchard are HUGE and I hope they still produce fruit.

AZ, West Fork Trail big apple tree

AZ, West Fork Trail, ferns, apples

There are remains of an old house built from the red stone, along with a chicken coop and a hollowed out cellar in the rock.

AZ, West Fork Trail chimney

AZ, Sedona, door in rock

AZ, Sedona West Fork door to cellar

This family was doing a photo shoot at the chicken house.

AZ, Sedona, family photo, West Fork Trail

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail rock wall

AZ, Sedona, West Fork Trail round window

AZ, Sedona, West Fork chicken house

And some shots along the trail – if you have children along, be aware that you have to cross the creek many times, walking on stepping stones.

AZ, Sedona West Fork clear creek

AZ, Sedona West Fork creek fall

It was frosty off in the canyon along the trail!

AZ, Sedona West Fork frosty fern

AZ, Sedona West Fork pine bark

AZ, Sedona WEst Fork steps

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail creek crossing

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail footprints

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail rock & tree

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail rock layers

AZ, Sedona West Fork trail rock

AZ, Sedona West Fork tree roots

AZ, Sedona West Fork, Wally resting

AZ, Sedona West Fork, wally, ripple rock

AZ, Sedona, cottonwood bark AZ, Sedona, West Fork Trail, Wally hiking

AZ, Sedona, West Fork, Wally on bridge

A few other snapshots around Sedona we saw along the way there and back: The Chapel of the Holy Cross, www.chapeloftheholycross.com/

AZ, Chapel in Rocks side view

Hummingbird House Antiques in Sedona

AZ, Hummingbird House front

AZ, Hummingbird House sign

AZ, HHouse mill bldg

Next door to Hummingbird House was this cool dragon

AZ, welded dragon next to HH

AZ, Sedona West Fork Trail footprints

Next stop: Las Vegas!

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