Discovering California, June 2011: Muir Woods & Muir Beach

Last spring we decided to visit friends in California and to go see Yosemite National Park. June seemed like a good month, so after spending weeks researching, I got it mapped out. We flew Southwest from Nashville to San Francisco and rented a car. Our destination for the first leg of the trip was Mill Valley for a few nights to explore the San Francisco Bay area. We booked our stay at the Larkspur Hotel, which had a nice walking/biking trail right next to the hotel. The rooms were fine, they offered a good breakfast, movie rental, a fire pit and smores and more at a reasonable price.

Next door was a highly rated Italian restaurant on Trip Advisor, Frantoio. The dining room was a bit formal for us but the bar was perfect for pizza and drinks after our day of exploring. The pizza was great!

Our first evening was gray and dreary but we braved the San Fran “ick” and went for a hike at Muir Woods just a few minutes drive from the hotel. It was so worth it! The redwoods really are amazing and make you feel SO SMALL and insignificant in the scheme of life.

We struck up a conversation with this father and daughter from the Philipines. Ironically, he was from the village where Wally’s grandfather, Aubrey Lee Ogles was stationed during WWII.

Wally & Phillipines

burl on redwood

redwood burl placque

flowering shrub

hollow in redwood base

maidenhair? fern

Muir woods wildflower chart

Wally, big redwood


sorrel and horsetail

Asian-style bridge over creek

The next day we drove over Mt. Tamalpais to the ocean. There are great overlook trails and old bunkers where our soldiers kept vigil during the wars for enemy ships and subs.

Wally on Mt. Tamalpais

Wally on Muir overlook

Wally, closeup, tamalpais

Muir overlook, fog

Monterey? pine, Tamalpais Mtn

muir bch orange flowers

Muir Bch overlook, Jamie Muir Bch overlook, wally


Muir bch pelican muir bch rocks

Muir bch, hori, lupines

Muir Bch, vert, purp lupines

Muir bch, wally seagull

muir bch, wally walking

Muir bch, yell, vert

Muir, bch dog playing

Muir, beach dog greeting

Muir, jap boat lookouts

muir, org flowers, rosemary

muir, slug

purple lupines

white water bird hunting, larkspur

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