Wine tasting in Sonoma Valley, California

Along with good food, I love wine, and wanted to sample as many as possible while in California wine country. My friend that lives there said she had been wanting to try the Kendall-Jackson wine and food pairing, so we decided to start there.

Kendall Jackson, jamie no sungl

The Kendall-Jackson Winery is in the French Chateau style, and inside, they their wines are available for sale along with wine-related gifts and local art and jewelry. They have wonderful culinary gardens where the chef can gather fresh vegetables and herbs for their food pairing menu.

Kendall Jackson ext

Here was our menu for  our wine and food pairing experience. Their patio was open for the tasting, so we headed outside to enjoy the California sunshine.

Kendall Jackson menu

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! Good wine, food and friends… Cheers!

Here was the lineup…

Kendall, jamie, wine lineup

Kendall-jamie & net 2

Kendall-reds & food

Our chef and wine serving gurus…

Kendall, Jamie and ex chef, staff

  Dessert with a delish riesling

Kendall, Riesling, Chard

Inside in the sales room…

Kendall, door knob stoppers

After our dining/drinking experience, we made a few purchases in the sales room and then headed outside to wander through the gardens.

Their culinary gardens, below

kendall-culinary garden

We decided to make one more winery stop and Paradise Ridge Winery was our next stop. They are a smaller winery and have a fabulous view over Sonoma Valley with some interesting sculptural art on the grounds.

Our server guided us through a few choices to try and we really liked one of their reds.

Paradise wine master

The fabulous view from their patio and tasting room looks over Sonoma Valley. It was a bit hazy that day.

Paradise-vineyards, sonoma valley

Some of their art on the grounds…

paradise-sculpture art

Paradise-vineyard view

“We live here”

Paradise-net pointing to mtn

Me and my purchase for the evening…

Paradise-jamie with bottle, view

While we had been enjoying our wine country experience, the guys had been golfing in the redwoods. We were to meet them at a friend’s for dinner and some more local tasting. The main item on the dinner menu – DUNGENESS CRABS, fresh off the boat from Bodega Bay! Yummmm! And everyone brought things fresh from their gardens to complement the crabs. What a day!

Rons-sink of crabs

Ron with crabs

One of their friends has a small winery and olive orchard  and he brought a sampling of wine and olive oil for us to try. I LOVED their Nico Dolcetto wine…

Rons-local wine

Ron's porch art

One of the neighbors has a wonderful garden and they told me to go check it out before dinner. It was a bit early for her flowers to start blooming, but I enjoyed all of her succulents and all of the cool rusty bits and pieces.

Flowers, fish weathervane

Flowers, iron bed

Flowers, iron beds

Flowers, iron scraps, pots

Flowers, more iron accents

Flowers, troll, hens

Needless to say, with all that divine food and drink, I slept well that night!

Jamie, Kendall Jackson hori

Next adventure… road trip out the Russian River Valley and up the coast to Mendocino!

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