Mendocino: Tidal pools and abalone diving

Just down the road from The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek is an amazingly beautiful cove with wind and water eroded rocks. At low tide, it reveals a diversity of life amongst the rocks and crevices. It’s thrilling to see all the water creatures clinging to the rocks and the vibrant colors of starfish contorted in the pools.

The flowers along the road were in full bloom and so pretty!

Mendo-lavender & flowers

Here’s a view of the cove from the top of the hill…

Mendo-flowers on bank, vert

Mendo-flowers, scum line

Mendo-cove, tunnel rocks

Mendo-cove, wave coming in

Mendo-cove sand pebbles Mendo-cove with tunneled rock

Mendo-anenome gripping finger

Mendo-anenome, closed

Mendo-anenomes and moss

A heron was hunting for breakfast

Mendo-heron in tide pool

Mendo-jamie on rock, full view

Mendo-kayakers riding wave in

A kelp bed exposed at low tide. I tasted a bit – it was rather rubbery and salty and supposed to be very good for you to eat.

Mendo-kelp beds at low tide

Mendo-little crab on hands

Mendo-little red crab

A bright orange starfish clinging amongst the kelp

Mendo-ochre sea star and kelp

And here was a purple one!

Mendo-purple sea star, frilly kelp

Mendo-sea anenomes covering rocks

Mendo-sea kelp bulb

Mendo-sea kelp bulbs?

Mendo-sea kelps

Mendo-starburst anenome open

Mendo-starburst anenome partial open

Mendo-Wally in tide pool

Mendo-Wally next to tide

Mendo-Wally searching tide pool

Our friend free dives for abalones and had brought his gear along to see if he could bring up some big ones. You have to get a abalone permit and they have to measure a certain size to be able to keep them.

Mendo-Skip ab diving, got one

Mendo-skip diving, legs

  A keeper – we’ll be having fried abalone!

Mendo-Skip with abalone

Mendo-Wally & Skip with ab

Mendo-fresh abalone, 10+"

Mendo-trees on shore

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