Russian River Valley to The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek, Mendocino

From Sonoma County, we took a road trip out the Russian River Valley and then north up the California coast on U.S. 1 for a few nights in Mendocino. Where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean there is a great overlook pullout and here’s what we saw – seals basking on the beach below! The flowers along the banks were glorious!

Russian Riv, purp lupines vert

Jamie & Wally, Russ River 2

Seals & birds, Russian River mouth Seals & lupine

Our California friends…

Skip & Jeannette, Russian River

orange flower

purple & white lupines

Jamie US 1 overlook

Calif coast, clear to bottom

U.S. 1, a nice beach cove U.S. 1, yellow lupines on coast

US 1, steep cove

Wally & Skip, US 1 overlook

yellow lupines

We arrived at our destination – The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek for our two-night stay.

Mendo-Schoolhouse inn sign

Wally waving from our deck – the Captain’s and Whale’s Quarters

Wally, Schoolhouse inn rooms

red clematis

Our room – Captain’s Quarters

Inn at Schoolhouse Captain's Quarters

Schoolhouse, Capt, Whale Quarters

View from our deck to the ocean

view from our deck, schoolhouse

Their massage yurt and hot tub area

Schoolhouse yurt

Some flowers around the grounds…

calla lilly

fuschia shrub

hen and chick giant

bee on yell columbine

purp columbine

Sampling another wine… and it was very good!

Summers bottle, pink flowers Summers wine silhouette

Just outside the dining room window were stumps – before mealtime they would scatter seed and the animals would come a-running, hopping and flying! It was so entertaining to watch them while eating. The breakfast was really delicious and the view to the ocean was nice too.

Mendo-2 chipmunks, rabbit

Mendo-cardinal jay

Mendo, quail, chips

Next up, abalone diving and exploring the tidal pools in the cove down the road, then Glass Beach and Mendocino

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