Mendocino, Glass Beach and town

Exploring Glass Beach was on my “to-do” list so we loaded up and headed into Mendocino to explore town and the beach. Years ago, town folks threw all their garbage into the ocean and the water eroded the glass items, smoothing and polishing into artful bits before depositing them back onto the beach. Blue and green are the most popular colors and they all make pretty jewelry.

Glass Bch-green glass

Glass Bch-more pebble closeups

This coast line is  spectacular with ice plants blooming and dripping everywhere, seals basking on the rocks and playing in the water and birds soaring about. It was so relaxing to spend a few hours scouring the beach for the pretty glass and enjoying the fabulous June day.

Glass Bch-ice plants dripping off rock

Glass Bch-Jamie and wally 2

Glass Bch-Jamie and wally

Glass Bch-kelp under water  Glass Bch-Net and dogs

Glass Bch-Net with glass

Glass Bch-pelicans going up coast

Glass Bch-pelicans v

Glass Bch-pink & cream ice plants

glass bch-pink ice plants 2

Glass Bch-pink ice plants

Seals! They were so fun to watch!

Glass Bch-seal climbing rock

Glass Bch-seals on rock

Glass Bch-seals on rocks 2

Glass Bch-view up coast

Glass Bch-Wally & Skip

Glass Bch-Wally, skip, net on rock

Glass Bch-Wally, skip, net

Glass Bch-anenomes & kelp

Glass Bch-birds coming over

Glass Bch-cream ice plant, fern

We headed into town to explore the petite historic little town that sits on above the ocean. There’s a road below town that leads out to the ocean’s edge with paths along the cliffs. This is a perfect place to watch the sun set with a picnic and cocktails. What an amazing place!

Mendo- storefront row

Mendo-church steeple


Mendo-church:organic food

Mendo-butterfly bush-tree

Mendo-calla lily, ferns

Mendo-house & water tower

Mendo-Little River Inn

Mendo-Mendocino Hotel

Mendo-US 1, aqua water

Mendo-water towers

Glass Bch-closeup of pebbles, glass

Mendo-Wally & Skip on brdg

Next stop: Yosemite National Park!

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