Soliman Bay 2013 at Nah Uxibal

It’s always nice to escape nasty weather in Tennessee in January and we were lucky enough to get an opening at our favorite beach paradise getaway, Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay in the Maya Riviera of Mexico.

This was our first time to stay in their new house next door to Nah Uxibal, and we have been enjoying our stay in the top level, Ka’an  (Mayan for Sky). The views are amazing out over the bay and sunrise one morning this week was breath-taking. I opened my eyes, sat up and looked out the window to this…

Soliman Bay Sunrise 1

I grabbed my camera and raced up to the top level and captured this…

Soliman Bay Sunrise pelican patrol

Soliman Bay Sunrise 3

Soliman Bay pelican Sunrise 1

Soliman Bay Sunrise 6

Buenos Dios! Time to wake up,  make the coffee and get ready for another relaxing day on Soliman Bay!

Nah Uxibal from water 7" Yellow hammock, Soliman Bay

Soliman view of beach from pt

Soliman poly palapas & hammock

Soliman footprints along water

Soliman Bay kayakers, sailboat 2

Soliman Bay pelican patrol, clouds

Soliman Bay, Ka'an view to Jashita

Soliman Bay, children in water, view  Soliman Bay sailboat passing

Smugglers Boat vert

Shot glass unfocused

Pelicans over beach

Palm and Palapa, golden light

Nah Uxibal Mimi & guest reading

Nah Uxibal in sand

Ka'an view, turq water, boat

Jamie at Soliman pt

Jashita palapas & roof

Iguana on Palapa top

Eagle Ray in bay by boat

Chamicos shack, smugglers boat

Chamicos palms & table, vert

Big brain coral

bees on chia blooms

2013 in sand

Soliman broken shell

Monkey in tree, vert

Wally walking past Jashita

Wally silhouetted in waves

Monkey in tree, Soliman Bay

red hammock wide view

Siesta Time!

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