Massage by Lucia on Soliman Bay

A Blissful (or recuperative) Massage in Paradise

If you are visiting Soliman Bay, Akumal or Puerto Aventuras for your vacation and looking for a great massage, we have just the person for you – Lucia! We have been coming to Soliman Bay for eight years and met Lucia Perotta on our first trip. She lives in Puerto Aventuras and comes to Soliman Bay to give massages to the vacation rental guests several times a week.

She is Italian and such a joyful spirit, delivering hugs and kisses and “Ciaos” up and down the beach. (We’ve learned that “Ciao” means hello and goodbye). She speaks seven languages including Italian, English, French, Spanish and more so she can converse with most everyone and frequently translates for guests with the residents.

Lucia holding oil

She has a massage palapa located behind Nah Uxibal’s new house on Soliman Bay, or she can come to your house with her massage table or blanket and do your massage under a palm tree by the water. She studied physical therapy in Italy; Japanese Shiatsu and Swedish massage, along with reflexoloy in Cuba; Ayurvedic massage and yoga teacher training in India and Thai massage in Thailand. She is currently launching a “postureology” school in Puerto Aventuras to teach people how their posture affects their body’s health.

Lucia’s massage palapa behind Nah Uxibal’s Ka’an and Lu’um house on Soliman Bay

Lucia and hut, Ka'an wall

Depending on whether you just want a relaxing massage or if you have issues that need addressing, Lucia will use the technique that best suits you. I have heard so many people saying after her massages how much better they felt. My husband and I always have a massage with her when on Soliman Bay, and usually he is so relaxed he is snoozing by the end of his session.

Lucia and Wally

We always email her at the week before we go to Soliman to find out her schedule and let her know to work us in. You can also call her if you have Mexican free calling at: 0052 984 873-5505. Her website with more information and all her services is and you can find and “Like” her on Facebook at “Massage by Lucia”

Lucia massaging wally, beach

Lucia massaging lady

Lucia massaging, water view

She’s like a mermaid in the water and will usually take a quick dip between massages to cool off and get refreshed. If you like to swim, go with her! It’s a treat to watch her in the water!

Lucia just out of water

She’s been doing massage in the area since 1989 and everyone knows and loves her.

Lucia clsup, hut door

Lucia flyers

Lucia’s massage clients usually become friends!

Lucia, Jamie, Wally, Pat, PA

Lucia, pat and jamie, roof


Time for my massage!

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