Muyil Ruins, Tulum, Mexico

If you are looking for an ancient Mayan ruin to visit in the Tulum area that is uncrowded but interesting, be sure and visit Muyil. Located about 25 kilometers south of the town of Tulum on Highway 307, (on the left side of the road), it is usually deserted. This is a great site to visit on a hot summer day as the entire site is in the shade. It would also be a good adventure for children and only costs a few dollars. You feel like Indiana Jones discovering a lost city in the jungle…








As you’re walking down the stone-strewn paths, keep your eyes open for wildlife and birds. Don’t talk, and listen to what the jungle around you has to say… you’ll be amazed at what you hear.

And if you peek into little caves and crevices you might see… BATS!

(this one’s flying at us!)



One of the other neat things about Muyil is the boardwalk path from the temple area through the jungle to the lagoon. The vegetation is amazing…


These ferns were waist high!



Along the way is a big tower you can climb (if you’re brave enough!) and look out over the jungle. Hmm. Since I don’t have a picture from the top, I think I must have chickened out!



When you reach the lagoon, strip down and take a quick dip to cool off. You can also hire a boat to take you on a sight-seeing ramble around the lagoon area where you might spy some pretty birds and gators (sorry, but yes, there are alligators in these waters).

We walked out the car road instead of back-tracking through the jungle boardwalk. It pretty much parallels it, so you will end up back on the main road. There are some really neat Mayan rock carvings along the road if you are looking for them.




This colorful display was at the road when we finally made our way out.




Plan to spend 2-4 hours and wear good sturdy hiking type shoes. Put these items in your backpack: water (grande), snack or picnic lunch, tissues, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent, camera, towel and bathing suit if you plan on swimming. I didn’t see bathrooms at the lagoon, so be prepared to go “local”.

Loco Gringo has an informative page on the history of Muyil and their boat tours – check it out at:

That’s all for now ~ Off to the next adventure!

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