Chamico’s 2013, Soliman Bay, Mexico

Whether you’re staying on Soliman Bay or just want to experience a bit of tropical paradise, Chamico’s beach shack at the south end of the bay is a must-experience. Their menu is limited to freshly-made seafood ceviche, guacamole and piping-hot fried fish. They have a limited selection of local beer, margaritas and soft drinks. Grab a table and chairs and sit back and enjoy the view.

Chamicos, baby in hammock

Chamicos shack, smugglers boat

Chamico's ceviche

Chamicos trees to water

Chamicos mexi chef cooking fish

Chamico's whole fish

Chamicos sun bather

Chamicos view of Soliman Bay

Chamicos view towards Tankah point

Chamicos, Wally with beer

Chamicos kids in water bay view

Chamicos maya children, Soliman

Chamicos palms & table, vert

Chamicos sawhorse table

Chamicos shack, house behind

Soliman Crows Nest

Soliman Smugglers boat 8"

Soliman smugglers boat closeup

Until next time… headed back to our sweet casa on Soliman Bay, Nah Uxibal!

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2 thoughts on “Chamico’s 2013, Soliman Bay, Mexico

  1. Gypsysoulcindy

    Yum! The ceviche and fried fish look delicious! We’re staying in a house on Soliman Bay in August and looking forward to it. How much does a plate of ceviche at Chamico’s run?
    Thanks for the great blog!

    • Their ceviche is wonderful – my husband thinks the “grande” ceviche was about $200 pesos but it feeds about 4 people. Although it’s a bit pricy for a beach shack, you can’t beat the view and ambiance! I don’t believe they accept credit cards so take your pesos or cash. We’re looking forward to being there in August too! The water is usually like glass on the bay.

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