Moravian Bethania and Old Salem, N.C., Clinard History

Bethania and Old Salem, North Carolina

Continuing with my family history quest, after leaving Virginia it was on to Winston-Salem, N.C. and Old Salem for the next leg of our trip. Just outside of Winston-Salem we made a quick detour to visit Bethania, the first Moravian village established in 1759.

Bethania est 1759 sign

Bethanian Moravian church

Bethania Moravian house 3:4 view

I had Moravian records from Salem showing that my ggggggrandfather, Lawrence Clinard married Rosina Miller in Salem Tavern Feb. 24, 1789. I booked a few nights at the Augustus T. Zevely Inn in Old Salem so we could be in the midst of the history. The Salem Tavern is located just across the street from the inn. The inn was very nice and we enjoyed the historic ambiance.

Old Salem Zevely Inn entrance

Salem Aug Zevely Inn sitting room

salem aug zeveley inn, dining room

salem, aug zevely mural:chair

salem, aug. zevely breakfast room

Dinner is still served at the Salem Tavern, where you dine by candlelight for dinner, just as Lawrence and Rosina must have 224 years ago on their wedding day. The restaurant today is in the yellow building and the Tavern is the brick building.

salem tavern sign

Salem Tavern

Old Salem Tavern, brick

Feb 22, 1789, their banns were announced …

Lau & Rosina Kleinert banns, pg 2290, vol 5? Fries

The dining Tavern today (below)

Old Salem Tavern dining house

Some snapshots around Old Salem…

salem gunsmith shop

The Moravian Church in Old Salem. You can learn more about the church, religion and their archives resources at:

Old Salem Moravian Church closeup

The Moravian Archives

Old Salem Moravian Archives

My Lawrence Clinard and his wife, Rosina Miller had a little girl that drowned in their spring and was buried in God’s Acre in 1791. It was noted on March 5-7, 1791 in the Moravian Records… We think that Rosina Miller’s father, Friedrich Miller was probably Moravian.

Lau Kleinert dau dies, pg. 2355, Vol 5, Fries

Old Salem God's Acre marker

Old Salem God's Acre entrance

Old Salem God's Acre

Salem, Moravian church

T. Bagge’s store

salem, T. Bagge store

Old Salem T. Bagge info

The Bakery

Old Salem Bakery

Old Salem bldg top, slate roof

Old Salem brick building side view

Old Salem gardens

Old Salem houses, yard

Old Salem ladies walking

Old Salem little brick church

Old Salem log building

Old Salem log schoolhouse?

Old Salem oven

Old Salem pink & white building

Old Salem wisteria arbor

Old Salem yellow & green house

Old Salem yellow barn

Old Salem yellow bldg vert

You can learn more about Old Salem at:

Next stop is a visit out to Abbotts Creek where our Clinards homesteaded and still live. We’ll visit two early cemeteries where the Clinards are buried and meet a Clinard cousin!

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