Northumberland England with the Ogles

I’ve recently been digging around in the Tennessee Ogle (s) family history, so thought it would be a good time to post our Ogles Reunion trip pictures from our trip in 2008 to England. As several of Wally’s great uncles and cousins were going on the trip to visit the Ogles family history, I was able to convince him to go along.

It was a wonderful trip, featuring pubs, manor houses, castles, churches, chapels, cemeteries and quaint historic towns. I’ll break by day as I took lots of photos – as always. Hope you enjoy traveling along to visit the Ogles ancestral sites! They are planning another reunion trip in 2014 for those that missed this one.

We stayed at Longhirst Hall, just a few miles outside of Morpeth, England – this is a photo from their website.

Eng, Longhirst Hall, Morpeth

eng-longhirst hall ext

eng-wally & jim and english blokes, long

I’m including a map so you’ll know where we went – Northumberland is in the northeast corner of England, close to the Scottish border. Wally and I flew into Edinburgh, Scotland the week before the England reunion and drove all over Scotland for a week before driving down to Morpeth just above Newcastle on Tyne. It was in July of 2008 and we had packed for summer. Unfortunately it was COLD so I hit every charity thrift shop I saw and found some fabulous handmade Scottish wool sweaters for under $10 to keep me warm.


On Monday morning we packed onto the bus and Hexham Abbey was our first stop of the day. It was established in the 7th century A.D. and contained an Ogle Chapel where ancestors were buried. This is a photo outside the Abbey with Wally waiting for the rest of the group. Here’s a website to learn more about Northumberland and the town of Hexham.

eng-wally at hexham abbey

Eng-Hexham abbey, wally

hexham abbey, ogles chantry letter

After touring the Abbey we had free time to wander the streets of Hexham and get some lunch. We chose a little fish and chips takeout place and it was great.

eng-jim on hexham street

Engl, fish and chips

Some of the cousins like to ham it up and are not afraid to draw attention to themselves just for the entertainment factor. ; )

Eng-jim shirtless at Hexham abbey

eng-jim on ground, hexham

eng-Uncle george, mark, wayne ogles

eng-wally with wall-e, hexham town

Wally and Jim Ogles, UK

wally, shawn, uncle jimmy eng, bowling

We enjoyed watching the lawn bowling in the town of Hexham

eng- lawn bowling

Our next stop after leaving Hexham was the Prudhoe Castle that had some Ogle connection. It was neat to wander around the grounds and imagine ourselves back in time…

eng-prudhoe castle sign

Eng- prudhoe castle w:crosses

engl castle gristmill, ferns

eng-prudhoe castle

eng-inside prudhoe castle

Engl castle flower closeup

Learn more at:

On the way back to Longhirst Hall we stopped off for a quick peek at this Roman site.

eng-corbridge sign

eng-Corbridge roman town

Then it was time for cocktails, dinner and rest for the next day of touring.

Eng, Longhirst, family drinks

Eng, Longhirst bldg

Coming up… Ogle Castle, coat-of-arms, chapels and cemeteries…

Eng, Ogle coat of arms

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