Ogle Castle & The Church of St Mary Magdalene, England

Our Tuesday tour was of Ogle Castle in Ogle Village in the Whalton Parrish, today a stone manor house standing where a castle once stood 900 years earlier. Located about 15 miles from Newcastle, England, today the regal manor house is a bed and breakfast. http://www.oglecastlebedandbreakfast.co.uk/

eng-ogles castle vert w:flowers

According to the history on the Ogle Castle website, “In 1346 King David II of Scotland was taken prisoner at the Battle of Neville’s Cross and brought to Ogle, where he was held until taken to the Tower of London. The small window of the room in which he was imprisoned can be seen on the second floor of the house in what was formerly a tower.”

eng-ogles castle hori ext

A print hanging in the manor house shows what the original castle was thought to look.

Eng, Ogle Castle print

eng- ogles castle crest

A bedroom in the Ogle Castle manor house – today guests can stay overnight at the B & B

eng-ogles castle bedroom

Eng, Ogle Castle end view

Eng, Ogle Castle fireplace

eng-ogles castle cousins in front

The Ogle crest is inset in the carriage house

eng-ogles castle crest on carriage house

eng-ogles castle crest pic

eng-ogles castle flowers

Shawn and Jim posing with their Ogle coat of arms tattoos under the carriage house Ogle crest

Eng, Ogle Castle, Jim & Shawn, tattoos

The Illinois? cousins

Eng, Ogle Castle Ill? cousins

Shawn and Starr peeking out the windowEng, Ogle Castle window, Shawn & Starr

Mark Ogles hanging out in the front yard

eng-ogles castle mark in chair

eng-ogles castle vert jamie and wally 2

eng-ogles castle, cousins in yard

Crazy cousins… there is never a dull moment with the Arizona cousins!

Eng-Ogles castle, jim pulling cart

eng-ogles castle, old fellow

Great Uncle George Ogles on right

eng-ogles castle, Uncle George & fellow

The owners of Ogle Castle opened their house for us to roam and provided a delightful tea as well.

eng-ogles group at tea, ogles castle

We had fun wandering in the gardens too.

Ogles castle garden


Eng, Ogle Castle, Jim Sr & Jr   Eng, Ogle Castle coat of arms on ch

Ogle Castle Ogles cousins

In the fields surrounding the Ogle Castle were sheep! I LOVE sheep so had to have our picture taken with them in it.

eng-wally and jamie with sheep

eng-wally with sheep

The countryside in Northumberland is beautiful and the flowers were gorgeous!

eng-flower garden

eng- good sheep hori

eng- larkspur flower

Our next stop after Ogle Castle was just up the road at The Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Several of the Ogle ancestors are buried and memorialized here.

eng-ext of ogles castle parrish church

eng-Celtic cross in Ogles castle parrish

eng-flowers and church ogles crest

eng-Lancelot ogles tomb

eng-ogles chantry, cousins

eng-Ogles chruch exterior

eng-ogles group at parish church

Eng, St Mary John Ogle memorial

Eng, St. Mary chapel 2

Eng, St. Mary chapel

Eng, St. Mary Henry Ogle memorial

Eng, St. Mary Lancelot Ogle tomb

Eng, St. Mary Ogle cornerstone

Eng, St. Mary Ogle memorial

eng-ogles castle parish church 1

Eng. St. Mary church & cemetery

Learn more about the church and history of the village at:


These photos were a combination of Arizona cousin Jim Ogles and mine. That’s all for today…

Next up, more castles and battlefields, and Wally and I play hooky and go on a coastal village excursion.

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  1. Gloria Proctor

    Great photos

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