Day 4, Eglingham Hall, Tankersville Arms Pub, St. Maurice Church

This was one of my favorite days of our Ogle’s family tour – it had an antique-filled manor house, dogs (including a corgi), sheep, fabulous gardens, a delicious lunch and local brew at a centuries-old pub and a lovely little church with bees in it’s eaves…

Eglingham Hall, an Ogle residence dating from the 16th or 17th century

The estate passed out of the Ogle’s family in 1890 to the Bewick family, and today, April Potts, a descendant of that family, resides there. The estate has 450 acres that remained from what was originally thousands, and they have a sheep operation. When you walk through the door it’s like stepping back in time. It is untouched and generations of treasures are lovingly lived amongst by the family.

Eng-Eglingham hall front

Eng-Eglingham gardens:house

Today’s owner of the manor is April Potts, in the middle of the below picture with the Arizona Ogles cousins. She’s as down to earth as any farmer you’d meet and loves Elvis! She welcomed us into the house and didn’t seem to mind that we freely roamed throughout the house and grounds (and attic ; ) They need to film one of the English road show episodes here!

Egling, AZ cousins with April

Egling Ogles on stoop, April

A photo of Eglingham Hall dressed up for a party…

Egling ballons

Eng- colin and April, owner Egling

The courtyard at the back of the house is the entrance to the stables. I loved the clock!

Eng-courtyard at Eglingham

Doggy “time-out” for one of the collies

Eng- Eglingham dog kennel

Now check out the inside…

Egling arched window silhouette

Egling bench with blankets

Egling cardi corgi

Egling corgi under chair

Egling cousins in foyer

Egling cupboard, hawks

Egling dog boot scraper  Egling fireplace

Egling garden roses Egling garden, sundial

Egling griststone table

Egling honeysuckle

Egling ladies parlor

Egling ladies portrait, chest

Egling library

Egling living room, ceiling

LOVE the antique rocking horse

Egling rocking horse

Roman pots found in the area

Egling roman pots

Egling rose arbor, house

Egling rose arbors

Egling ships

Egling, cousin at outdoor table

Egling, cousins in billiards room

Egling, Wally, chest

I love this picture of George and Jim Ogles – brothers born in Manchester, Tennessee and my husband’s great uncles. They were so fun to spend time with on the trip!

Eng- George & Jimmy vert laughing

Eng-George & Jimmy, Elgin hori

Boys will be boys… especially when they find REAL swords just sitting behind a door in an umbrella stand!

Eng- guys playing with swords

Eng-cousins on Eglingham stoop

Eng-cousins on stoop 2, chicago

Eng-Egling topiary

Their sheep corral – pretty cool if you’re into sheep! (and I am)

Eng-Eglingham sheep corral

    Me and the resident corgi

Eng-jamie with corgi, eglingham

Their view from the front door…

Eng-jamie, jim, shawn, corgi

The dog topiary was so CUTE!

ENG-wally w:dog topiary, Eglingh

After wishing we had inherited the manor and having checked it out as thoroughly as time allowed, it was time for lunch just down the road at the Tankerville Arms Pub. A 17th Century Coaching Inn set in the picturesque town of Wooler, North Northumberland, we couldn’t have asked for a better place for lunch. They are also a hotel if you want to visit:

They had tables laden with delicious homemade food waiting on us  – but first – BARTENDER!!! I’ll have a lager and lime! Most everyone enjoyed sampling the variety of local brews on tap. I was instantly in love with their addition of a liquidy lime juice that gives the beer a ZING!

Our trip coordinator and fearless leader, cousin Jim Ogle from Snellville, Georgia and Wally

Eng-Wally & Jim with pints, Tankersville

Our buffet almost ready to be devoured… this was the best meal in England besides the fish and chips in Alnmouth.

Tankersville buffet almost ready Eng-Wally at Tankersville Tav

Here’s a variety of snapshots of the Ogle(s) cousins. Sorry guys – I don’t remember anyone’s names!

Tankersville 2 ladies, cousins

Tankersville 3 cousins

Tankersville 4 ladies cousins

Tankersville couple, cousins

Tankersville interior, dining room

Eng, pub, Shawn, Wally, Unc Jim

Eng-Wally in pub - Egling

Our driver – note, no beer for Billy!

Tankerville, Billy the driver  Tankerville, Wally and AZ cousins

Tankerville bartender & waitress

Eng- bar girls from Tankersvile

The waitresses and bartenders had sufficiently fortified us for a trip to the church next…

Off we walked, which was a good thing as we needed to walk off lunch – and beer

Eng, Ogles walking down lane

St. Maurice Church is the church near Eglingham Hall where the Ogle’s lived centuries ago, worshipped and are probably buried. According to Wikipedia: “The 13th-century parish church is dedicated to St Maurice and may originally have served as a fortified pele tower where the villagers could take refuge from marauding bands of cattle thieves, or Border Reivers. The church bell, cast in the Low Countries, is one of the only two foreign bells in the Diocese of Newcastle; the other is at Lambley.”

Our group had gathered a donation for the church to help with upkeep and restoration. The far side of the church had an overgrown cemetery area and bees were living up in the eaves.

Eng- Ogle chapel exter

Eng- Ogle Chapel tower

Eng- Ogle Chapel window, mark ogles

Eng- inside Ogle Chapel, Egling

Ogle chapel tower vertical

We were probably having too much fun to be in church…

St. Maurice Church, tipsy Ogles

What a GREAT day! I want to go back – maybe April will let us stay with her and herd sheep and root through the attic more.

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One thought on “Day 4, Eglingham Hall, Tankersville Arms Pub, St. Maurice Church

  1. Love the pictures — all of them — but especially the ones of the exterior and the interior accessories! That old leather chair is one of my faves! Thanks for posting this absolutely fabulous piece of history that I might not have otherwise seen.

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