Historic Mansker’s Station Heritage Days, Goodlettsville, TN

Mansker Station,  Heritage Days & Surveying, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

A few years ago Mom and I thought it would be fun to visit Historic Mansker’s Station in Goodlettsville, Tennessee for their annual spring Heritage Days gathering. It was neat to get lots of pictures of how our ancestors would have dressed and see how they lived. We had a bonus for my research that they were doing a survey re-enactment of the property.

manskers, fort from above

To learn more about Kasper Mansker, here’s a link to a family website history of him: http://www.mansker.org/history/kasper.htm

I went to the Sumner County Archives a few weeks ago to do a bit of research and as I was looking through records I ran across the will of Kasper Mansker and jotted it down just in case it came in handy. Here it is for those interested in who Kasper Mansker was related to and who got what after he died.

 Sumner County, Tennessee Abstracts of Will Book 1 & 2, 1788-1842, Pg 31

Will of Kasper Mansker

Wife Elizabeth Mansker part of tract of land I live on. North of creek. Her life. To nephews George and William Mansker sons of my brother Geo Mansker land lying on south side of creek and 110 acres land on herd Lunsey’s fork (Looney’s Fork). My niece Mary Miller daughter of my brother George Mansker and to my nephew Lewis and John Mansker sons of my brother George Mansker and to my nephew Lewis and John Mansker sons of my brother George rest of estate. Appoints Isac Walton and Geo Smith exec. 31 July 1820. Proved Feb. 1821. (pg. 323).

manskers, men gathered outside fort

manskers, girl in cabin door

manskers, pelts hanging, vert

manskers, powder measures

manskers, augers:drills tool bench

manskers, augers, door straps

manskers, auger, draw blades

manskers, another cabin hearth

manskers, 2nd cabin interior

manskers bed, hori

blacksmith working bellows

manskers, colonial men from above

manskers, colonial man in navy

manskers, carved horn

manskers, candle crosses

manskers, cabin with dining table

manskers, cabin ladder:room

manskers, cabin int wall, hooks

manskers, book man

Manskers, blanket chest

manskers, blacksmith

manskers, bed, vert

manskers, girls sewing, pug

manskers, girl in cabin 2

manskers, girl and pug

manskers, Friesian man, fort behind

manskers, Friesian horn carver

manskers, fireplace tools hanging

manskers, fire in hearth 2

manskers, father and daugs

manskers, dulcimer and kitter player

manskers, couple

manskers, men standing, hori

manskers, men standing outs fort

manskers, men standing out fort

manskers, men facing

manskers, men at camp

manskers, little girl with horn book manskers, ladder

manskers, knitter, chair, dulcimer

manskers, hearth & bed, fire, cabin

manskers, group in cabin, book:pistol

manskers, group at outdoor oven

manskers, Greenbrier girls

manskers, more men standing

manskers, mom in hat:toma

The Bowen House

manskers, Bowen house

The baker was busy putting bread in the outdoor oven.

manskers, baker at oven

manskers, group at outdoor oven

These young fellows looked like they were up to something…

manskers, boys group

manskers, boys on move

The surveyor’s at work…

Manskers, master surveyor, pole:stake

So that was our day at Mansker’s Station.  This year’s Heritage Days event is Saturday, April 13, 9-3. Learn more at: http://www.cityofgoodlettsville.org/index.aspx?nid=110

My next blog will feature the Mansker Station surveyor’s at work and a glimpse into the 1800s Robertson County Survey Book.

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