Ambergris Caye, Belize

In 2007 we ventured down to Ambergris Caye with friend to check out the island and do some scuba diving. We flew in via Tropic Air to their tiny airstrip, rented a golf cart and made our way to Caye Casa.

View flying into San Pedro on Tropic Air…

Belize, flying into San Pedro

Belize, San Pedro Tropic Air air strip

Belize, Wally on puddle jumper

Caye Casa is located on the beach and the golf path runs through their yard.

belize - Caye Casa

Belize caye casa bedroom

Belize Caye Casa dog

Belize, Baxter, Caye Casa

Belize, Caye Casa bed flowers

Belize, Caye Casa golf cart road

Belize, Caye Casa living room

Belize, Caye Casa waves  Belize, destroyed dock

Belize, Wally at water's edge silhouette

Belize, sunset behind Caye Casa

Belize starfish underwater

Families from Guatemala walk about the island selling their fabulous textiles. We picked out several to take home.  Belize, Buying textiles from Guatemala

Belize, Guatemala girls & textiles

Photos along the beach road…

Belize coffee advertising sign

Belize outdoor palapa

Belize sunset behind palms

Belize totem pole

Around San Pedro… Breakfast was huge burritos from Esperanza’s Deli

Belize, Jamie at Esperanzas Deli

Belize, Esperanza's & kitchen

Around San Pedro..

Belize San Pedro street sign

Belize Sangria chalkboard

The Chicken Drop… bet on the square the Rooster is going to poop on – and then hope he poops…

Belize chicken drop 1

Belize chicken drop 2

Belize chicken drop 3

Belize round wood tables

Belize turned bowls

Belize round turned wood bowls

Belize wood gallery misc

Belize wooden utensils

Belize, Beach n' Kitchen and Wally

Belize, dog on roof

Lunch at The Reef Restaurant…

Belize, Street view, Caramba Restaurant

Belize, The Reef restaurant sign

Belize Reef Restaurant puffer fish

Dinner at Mango’s

Belize Mango's Wally shrimp dinner

Rigging up the rod to go fishing with local fisherman, Captain “Tulu”

Belize, Wally rigging rod

Next time, fishing and snorkeling in Sting Ray Alley!

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