Rio Lagartos, MX: Day 1, Colonial Church and Hotel Macumba

After leaving Ek’ Balam, we continued on towards Rio Lagartos, our destination for the next two nights. When traveling the Mexican interior roads, be aware you will probably be stopped and checked by Mexican Federal soldiers at checkpoints along the way. They are checking to make sure your driving and car paperwork are in order and such – so have them in order and ready to show. They mean business!

Here’s our road trip good luck charms…

van features & dragon

Road trip dust and inscriptions…

Rio Lagartos van dust

We bypassed the town of Tizimin and took a country route towards Rio. At one junction we stopped to check out the Colonial church missing it’s roof at the Gabriela? community. (Not sure exactly where we were – sorry).

Colonial church bell Gaby shops

Colonial church three quarters view

Colonial church vert door & window

Colonial church wood corbels

Colonial church front view

Colonial church interior orchid

Colonial church interior

Colonial church bell & cactus, vert

Colonial church bell cross clsup

Colonial church bell hori

Colonial church bell small chapel

Colonial church cross & bell

We arrived in Rio Lagartos mid-afternoon and checked into the Macumba Hotel, right on the water’s edge where the fishing boats tie up. The owner of the Macumba Restaurant and hotel is artistic and has painted lots of tropical scenes throughout the hotel that have an Afro-Polynesian feel. (you’ll see what I mean).

Rio Lagartos Macumba hotel

Rio Lagartos Macumba room

Rio Lagartos Macumba room ext

The owner makes really pretty shell collages as well such as the burgundy one at the top.

Rio Lagartos Macumba Welcome wall

Old water bottles are recycled into these creative flowers on the tree

Rio Lagartos Macumba bottle tree

The room ran around $40 a night and the owner does NOT speak English or take credit cards or US dollars and they do NOT have an ATM in town. So take your pesos and your translation guide to Rio. Not many of the locals speak English or take dollars either. And be sure and fill up your tank with gas in the last big town you are near. Their one gas station was out of gas as we were leaving : )

Rio Lagartos Macumba hotel from water

Rio Lagartos Wally Macumba

Here’s our view from our rooftop terrace on top of the Macumba. It faces west and is fabulous for sunset and the morning fishermen commute to the Gulf through the cut. It was octopus season and the bamboo curved rods on either end of the boat are for attaching crabs as bait for the octopus. They then use the little dinghy boats to row around the bigger boat to collect their octopus.

Rio Lagartos view of boats

Rio Lagartos wall painting and dog

Rio Lagartos Alejandra boat

Rio Lagartos boats at anchor

Rio Lagartos trap, anchor & rio boat

The fishermen are creative too – check out these recycled boat bumpers…

Rio Lagartos bottle bumpers

Rio Lagartos shoe bumper

The town center features a game court

Rio Lagartos town center, ball court

Rio Lagartos town center, church

For dinner, we chose fresh lobster – this is a fishing village and we LOVE lobster! Our Hotel Macumba staff was hard at work, preparing our delicious dinner, when we saw the sunset starting to fire up outside our dining room window …

Rio Lagartos Sunset Panorama

Rio Lagartos sunset fisherman headed in

Rio Lagartos Jamie & Wally good sunset

Rio’s lighthouse uses a Fresnel lens which was invented in 1822 by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel

Rio Lagartos sunset lighthouse

Rio Lagartos sunset octupus boat front

Rio Lagartos sunset town in front  Rio Lagartos sunset, lighthouse streetlights

Rio Lagartos sunset, red bay, blue in sky

Rio Lagartos sunset, red bay, town edge

Rio Lagartos Sunset, lighthouse glowing

WOW! Words can’t describe watching that. Most beautiful sunset of my life.

The sun went down and dinner arrived… Lobster and yummy mojitos.

Rio Lagartos Macumba lobster dinner

What a day!

Stay tuned for our adventures on our birding tour, mud bath, beach frolic and Mexican Rodeo/Bullfight in San Felipe.

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