Rio Lagartos, MX: Day 2: Bird Tour, Mud Bath & Beach

Our second day in Rio dawned bright and sunny and we enjoyed coffee on our rooftop terrace and watching the fishermen head out to fish.

Rio Lagartos coffee on terrace, lighthouse

Rio Lagartos morning boat trafficFrom our terrace we could see Flamingoes feeding on a sand bar

Rio Lagartos flamingoes on sand bar, town

We headed downstairs for a breakfast of huevos rancheros… yum!

Rio Lagartos rancho heuveros

Then it was time to load up for our morning birding boat tour up the river. We boarded the AleJandra with our captain, Alberth who turned out to be a great guide and speaks excellent English.

Rio Lagartos Alejandra boat

Rio Lagartos Skip, Net, captain

The locals hand fish from the sea wall.

Rio Lagartos locals hand fishing

Rio Lagartos pelican on post

Rio Lagartos Los GaviotosThe community swim and swing palapa…

Rio Lagartos town water gazebo

Rio Lagartos Villa da Pescadores

Rio Lagartos tern on post

Rio Lagartos Wally with town in back

Rio Lagartos town from water closer

Rio Lagartos wide town view from water

Double crested cormorants were drying their wings on the sign. They are divers like loons

Rio Lagartos cormorants on sign

Rio Lagartos cormorants swimmingView up the river, which is freshwater.

Rio Lagartos view of river

Black hawk

Rio Lagartos black hawk

Rio Lagartos birds silhouetted in river

FrigatesRio Lagartos frigates flying

Mangrove cuckoo – Alberth got very excited when we saw this guy.Rio Lagartos mangrove cuckoo

Rio Lagartos mangrove vert roots

Needlefish and jellyfish

Rio Lagartos needlefish and jellyfishWHAT? What was that? Mud zombies???Rio Lagartos mud boat people with waveMangrove seed podsRio Lagartos mangrove seed vert

He explained how the seeds would vertically float for awhile then eventually plant themselves

Rio Lagartos boat captain mangrove seed

Rio Lagartos white egret flying vertOsprey

Rio Lagartos osprey on limb

Rio Lagartos osprey flying  Rio Lagartos osprey swooping over riverMore cormorantsRio Lagartos cormorants on mangroveNot sure what this guy was but very pretty…

Rio Lagartos bird with yellow throat

More zombies…Rio Lagartos mud people Bonita boatFlamingoRio Lagartos flamingo on river bank

Then we reached the big area next to the saltworks and they were everywhere! They feed on the shrimp larvae that are in the water and this part of the river is shallow so they can stand.Rio Lagartos flamingoes wide view

Rio Lagartos flamingoes group mid-range

Rio Lagartos flamingoes preening

Rio Lagartos flamingoes feeding

Rio Lagartos flamingoes flying, boat coming

Rio Lagartos flamingo last step to flight

Rio Lagartos flamingoes flying

Rio Lagartos flamingo in flightWow – so amazing!

Now – time for our saltwater soak and mudbath. Too wet and messy for the camera. Our captain pulled over to the bank of the saltworks and we climbed over and into a shallow trough of saltwater. You can float in it as it is so buoyant (be sure and where water shoes for your excursion). Then we went a bit further for our mudbath. Alberth reached down in a hole, pulling out fresh silky mud for us to scrub up and cover ourselves. It’s like going to the spa but much more fun! The mud is too deep on the river side to rinse off, so you leave it on to dry on the boat ride back to Rio.

Rio Lagartos Wally mud face

Skip added a bit to his brow for the cro magnon man look

Rio Lagartos mud Skip face

We zipped past Rio, out the cut and around to the beach to rinse off and chill for a bit. There is only one house on the beach right now, and an acquaintance is selling lots and developing the beach. This part of the Gulf has calmer waters and the winds run parallel to the beach making it a perfect kite-boarding paradise.

Rio Lagartos beach jamie in water

Rio Lagartos beach solo house from water

Rio Lagartos beach solo house

Rio Lagartos beach view towards east

Rio Lagartos beach conservation signWhat a heavenly hammock spot…

Rio Lagartos beach hammock palapa

Rio Lagartos beach jamies hammock vert

Rio Lagartos beach rooftop hammock

Rio Lagartos beach jamie in hammock

Rio Lagartos beach Wally on roofA dolphin skull was lying under the hammock palapa  Rio Lagartos Wally with dolphin skull, palapa

Rio Lagartos beach Wally dolphinhead

Time flies… time to head back to Rio for a late lunch. As you come in the cut there is a fisherman’s memorial on the bank.

Rio Lagartos sailor's memorial

Rio Lagartos pelican on pretty water

Rio Lagartos view from cut to townWe chose to eat lunch at the El Perico Marinero Restaurant…

Rio Lagartos El Perico Marinero Restaurant ext

Rio Lagartos, El Perico menu

Fresh octopus ceviche!

Rio Lagartos, El Perico ceviche Shrimp cocktail Rio Lagartos, El Perico shrimp cocktail

Then a walk back through town to the Macumba (just a few blocks). A typical house…

Rio Lagartos typical house

Villa de Pescadores HotelRio Lagartos Villa da Pescadores

Rio Lagartos terracotta fish tile

Rio Lagartos stone wall & window

Se vendeRio Lagartos Skip & Net sa vende house

Rio Lagartos cardinal courtyardCardinals are popular as caged birds in this area…

Rio Lagartos cardinal in cage

Time for a nap! We’ve got to re-charge for evening and a night at the rodeo in San Felipe…

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  1. Chuck

    Nice Bare-throated Tiger-heron photo.

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