Los Colorados Salt Mine, Rio Lagartos, Mexico

We decided to visit the ocean side of the salt mines on our way out of Rio Lagartos. They were originally mined by the Mayans. We had glimpsed the pyramids of salt from the river side where the flamingoes are but it was too far away to see the actual operation. Taking the ocean front road it didn’t take us long to find but beware of potholes in some stretches of the road. A storm was brewing behind the mounds of salt. We wondered what would happen to the salt if it came a downpour!

Rio Lagartos salt mounds

The salt is put on a conveyor that goes across the road and out to the ocean where it is loaded on ships. Interesting contrast how to the southeast behind the mounds was so stormy, yet in the opposite direction was blue skies…

Rio Lagartos salt conveyor to ocean

Rio Lagartos yucca bank to ocean, saltworks

This part of the Yucatan is quite arid and has cactus growing.

Rio Lagartos cactus

Rio Lagartos salt mounds, jamie

We drove on past the mounds and detoured to the right onto a work road that goes past the salt plains. If we had gone left we would have gone into the little village.

Those are tanker trucks driving in the distance to give you perspective of how many acres this was.

Rio Lagartos salt works plain 1

Rio Lagartos salt works plain 2

The salt was dry in the corner right next to the road so of course I had to scoop up a bag full. Natural sea salt right from the source!

Rio Lagartos salt crystals on ground

A little bit further down the road is the river where all the birds are. We watched the sandpipers and flamingos for a while and picked up quite a few feathers that had drifted to shore. I later rinsed them and smoothed them to dry and they are beautiful!

Rio Lagartos sand pipers in water  Rio Lagartos flamingoes feeding

Rio Lagartos flamingoes forever

It was time to head back to Nah Uxibal at Soliman Bay to relax after all that adventure…

Ahhh! Heaven!

Soliman Bay August afternoon

### Til Next Time.. ###

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