San Felipe, Mexico Rodeo/Bullfight

Our evening entertainment our second night in Rio Lagartos was to visit San Felipe, another fishing village about a 10-minute drive to the west. We had been introduced to the only gringo couple in town and they had heard a rodeo was going on and asked us to join them.

We arrived in town and parked on the main street and went in search of the rodeo. We made it to their waterfront where the fishing boats were tied up. I loved these carved fish…

San Felipe carved fish vert

San Felipe carved fish & arches

San Felipe boats tied

San Felipe man statue on water

San Felipe octopus boats

The fishermen were lined up at the waterfront fish cooperative with their octopus catch

San Felipe fishermen in line

San Felipe octopus pile

A cute restaurant San Felipe restaurant with bike

San Felipe woman statue

There were lots of family arcade tents and food booths set up along the waterfrontSan Felipe arcadeWe followed the locals down the next street and as the piles of horse manure increased, the sounds of the townspeople grew around the metal arena. We were the ONLY gringos in sight, but everyone was friendly. Our biggest impression of the San Felipe residents was how gorgeous they were! The girls were just drop-dead gorgeous and many of the men very handsome as well.

I only had my little sports camera so didn’t get many great pictures, but you’ll get the idea. Their “rodeo” is actually a bullfight. Sadly, none of my shots of the girl on horseback (the picador) turned out. Her job is to thrust the ribboned lancets into the top of the shoulders of the bull to weaken (and enrage) him. Having years of experience on a cattle farm, I know how dangerous enraged cattle can be, so was cringing every time the bull charged her on her horse. The matadors would then step in to “fight” the bulls. They started with a larger bull that we are pretty sure became the sacrificial lamb after he left the ring to feed the community. Then smaller to larger bulls were brought out to fight.

San Felipe bullfight, cowboys waiting outside

San Felipe bullfight 3 matadors

San Felipe bullfight bull charging

San Felipe bullfight matador & bull standing

San Felipe bullfight two matadorsAfter the fight was “called” the cowboys would all run in and lasso or herd the bull towards the chute. San Felipe bullfight, bull & cowboys

San Felipe bullfight, bull's legs roped

San Felipe bullfight, cowboys all running

This was our first bullfight and it was definitely not for the squeamish, but it was exciting!

#### END ####

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