An Afternoon on Tulum Beach Road, Mexico

We always enjoy a trip down to the Tulum Beach Road for dinner and a bit of shopping. Along Tulum Beach, there is a diverse collection of restaurants and boutique hotels and quality shops.

Tulum Beach Zamas sign & road

Tulum Beach Road view

Late afternoon is a nice time to visit the Beach Road, when things have cooled off a bit and you can enjoy a cold cocktail and appetizer at one of the restaurants before doing a little shopping. We drifted down the road, stopping in the assorted businesses along the way.

Check out the calendar of restaurant and happy hour specials on a local blog site, Tulum Living, and check the link on their weekly calendar:

So we drifted down the road, checking out the shops and vibe…Need a bike rental?

Tulum Beach bikes for rentI always enjoy browsing through Mixik, which offers fine Mexican crafts

Tulum Beach Mixik sign

Tulum Beach Mixik ext

Tulum Beach Mixik grotesque masks

Tulum Beach Mixik interior

Tulum Beach Mixik, Wally

Trendy clothing at Shalom

Tulum Beach Shalom shopNeed a shot of coffee to keep you going?

Tulum Beach, Exresso stand

Tulum Beach shop palapas

Interesting characters…

Tulum Beach tulumite guy

I really liked the jewelry in this guy’s shop and purchased several pairs of earrings. The jewelry features natural stones, feathers, seed pods, wood, and silver to create unique designs. There is also some wild art and dream catchers.

Tulum Beach jewelry guy

Tulum Beach jewelry, earring boards

Tulum Beach dream catchers

Tulum Beach jewelry display

Tulum Beach jewelry guy & merch

A couple enjoying a coco cocktail…

Tulum Beach Mateo's Grill couple

Pura Corazan Restaurant has an inviting and artistic atmosphere…

Tulum Beach Pura Corazon entrance, signs

Tulum Beach Pura Corazon front entrance

I love their bright signs… we haven’t eaten there yet – will have to try them next time.

Tulum Beach Pura Corazon wall of signs

Our plan was to have dinner at Zamas, where we love to sit under their open air palapa and watch the swimmers playing in the surf and climbing the rocks.

Tulum Beach Zamas entrance  Tulum Beach Zamas sign

Tulum Beach Zamas view to water

Tulum Beach Zamas Restaurant

Tulum Beach Zamas pelican pole

Tulum Beach Zamas menu

Tulum Beach Zamas waves

Zamas has little beachfront cabana rentals next to the restaurant so you don’t have to go far to eat or sit in the sun

Tulum Beach Zamas cottage

Tulum Beach Zamas hat & chair

After dinner, twilight was setting in and the evening lights were coming on down the road

Tulum Beach twilight vert lantern

Pura Corazon pulses with red glowing lights…

Tulum Beach Pura Corazon red lights

We’re headed to Tulum Town next for some gelato…

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2 thoughts on “An Afternoon on Tulum Beach Road, Mexico

  1. Tammy Pierce

    We are headed to Playa del Carmen in March. How far is Tulum Beach from there? Is there a tour or would we have to take a taxi? Thanks

    • It’s about an hour and 15 to hour and half or so (depending on where you are in Playa with traffic, etc) to Tulum Beach. I would check with your hotel or accommodations on their recommendations to get there. There are public buses that run up and down the highway, but not sure if they go down to Tulum Beach, the cost (pretty cheap), etc. We always rent a car, so not sure how much a taxi would cost, but they are pretty plentiful. There may be tours to the Tulum Ruins, but that is separate from Tulum Beach, so don’t let that lead you astray. There is a beach at the Tulum Ruins, but it is just a small one where all the tourists pack in to cool off after the ruins tour.

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