Heavenly Gelato at Panna e Cioccolato in Tulum, Mexico

After dinner at Zamas on the Tulum Beach Road, our final stop for the night was for dessert in Tulum Town for some gelato. The big cone at the front door signals entry to ice cream/gelato lover’s paradise. The name is a mouthful – Gelateria Panna e Cioccolato and the flavors are numerous.

Panna & Cio cone signI like that they have little clues on their flavor markers to help you figure out the translation. The staff is happy to give you samples so you can pick your flavors..

Panna & Cio flavors

And you can watch through the window as they make their homemade waffle cones…

Panna & Cio cone maker

I got a scoop of cheese cake and hazelnut – divine! Yummmm!!

Panna & Cio Jamie with coneI will definitely be stopping in again next time we’re in town ~ What a treat on a hot Tulum day!

Until next time!

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One thought on “Heavenly Gelato at Panna e Cioccolato in Tulum, Mexico

  1. Judy Escoto

    Did you haul your own water with you in Mexico? We did when we went to Baha, Ca.

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