Bloody Point Golf Course, Dahfuskie Island, S.C.

Wally and I enjoyed an afternoon round of golf at the Bloody Point Golf Course on the southern end of Dahfuskie Island. It’s a lovely course and a haven for migrating birds and wildlife. I had fun capturing photos of the course’s wildlife and Wally playing.

Bloody Point white herons above wall

The staff at Bloody Point are super nice, giving Wally golf pointers and packing up our beer to go in an ice-filled cooler. We enjoyed dinner one night at their Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, which was delicious!

They are a public course and have their own ferry that leaves from Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah and brings you right to their private dock. This would be a great day trip of golfing from Savannah, so take time to fit it in your vacation plans. Check out their website for more info at:

The Club House and home to the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant

Bloody Point clubhouse

Practice putting greens

Bloody Point practice putting green

Bloody Point fairway

Bloody Point Fairway to Lighthouse

Bloody Point golf cart

Bloody Point Wally putting by pond

Bloody Point armadillo

The Eagle’s Nest was named for this regal resident

Bloody Point bald eagle flying

Bloody Point bald eagle vert

Bloody Point Bald Eagle, talking, hori

Bloody Point deer herd   Bloody Point squirrel

Bloody Point 10th hole sign

Bloody Point pond with bridges

Bloody Point pond, wall, hole

Bloody Point storks taking off

Bloody Point white herons in treetop

Bloody Point 15th hole sign

Bloody Point Wally with long putt

We spied this guy next to one of the ponds. Good thing I had my big zoom lens for the camera!

Bloody Point alligator body on bank

Bloody Point alligator front half

Bloody Point alligator face 1

Bloody Point alligator head submerging 2

Bloody Point alligator head submerging 3

Bloody Point big tree & bird house

Bloody Point martin house at dusk

Bloody Point sand trap by water

Bloody Point silhouette and Wally putting

Bloody Point trees by dock

Bloody Point 15th hole sign

Bloody Point single white heron in treetop

My only recommendation would be to be sure and pack your skeeter spray for your day or get some in the pro shop. Course, I pack mine for any trip to the Low Country!

We really enjoyed our trip to Dahfuskie and will definitely return again! Until next time…

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6 thoughts on “Bloody Point Golf Course, Dahfuskie Island, S.C.

  1. You saw so much wildlife! What a nice perk for your vacation!

  2. Patrick Ford

    I loved the article and the photos. The only thing is that we leave out of Thinderbolt near savannah not charleston 🙂

    • Corrected and updated Patrick! Thanks for catching my error. Should have done when was fresh back from our trip, but didn’t and have been in Italy and gotten boggled by all our travel stops : )

  3. Dick Skuse

    We had a great time at Bloody Point last weekend, lot’s of wildlife & the course was in good shape….we saw the Bald Eagle as well along with the Fox Squirrels, ‘Gators & a multitude of Egrets, song birds & Ibis’s…the Bloody Point staff was gracious & helpful really making everyone feel welcome!! We will be back…. Dick & Nancy Skuse Roswell, Georgia

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