Hilton Head to Daufuskie Island on the Calibogue Ferry

Hilton Head seat oats, biker, walker

In September, we took a quick trip to Dahfuskie Island, South Carolina. We drove into Hilton Head and stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel for one night so we could catch the ferry from Hilton Head to Dahfuskie Island the next morning.

The Metropolitan Hotel was a last minute choice we picked off the internet as it was only one block from the beach and relatively cheap. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. The rooms were pretty good sized but worn and tired. The balconies are the narrowest I’ve ever seen in my life and the pool did not look very inviting. The quick walk to the beach was nice, and we watched the sun go down and went for a walk at sunrise. Pizza at the Mellow Mushroom was delicious – would definitely recommend.

Metropolitan Hotel narrowest balcony ever…

HH Metropolitan hotel balcony

HH Metropolitan pool

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head beach, empty

Hilton Head boys and father silhouette

Hilton Head dad and boys color

Hilton Head girl with dog in water

Hilton Head sea oats and sky

Hilton Head sea oats sunset

The Calibogue Ferry runs from Hilton Head to Freeport Marina on Dahfuskie Island. There is an early morning and late afternoon ferry for travelers that stay on the island and a mid-day ferry for day trippers. The captains give day trippers a great running commentary of local celebrities that live along the route, some history and keep their eyes peeled for dolphins.  http://www.daufuskiefreeport.com/

Headed to Dahfuskie on the ferry…

Calibogue Ferry front riders

Calibogue Ferry girl

Ferry captains

Calibogue Ferry Captain Tom & Bob

Calibogue ferry wheel

Calibogue Ferry, Wally

Sailboats at anchor in the Cooper River

Calibogue Ferry sailboats at anchor

Calibogue Ferry sailboats in water

Calibogue Ferry yachts at Hilton Head

Calibogue Ferry passengers & back view

Haig Point’s boat dock

Calibogue Ferry Haig Point docks

The barge ferry takes big things to Dahfuskie

Calibogue Ferry barge

A big house on Dahfuskie

Dahfuskie big house

Calibogue Sound

Calibogue Sound

Dahfuskie Lighthouse in Haig Point

Daufuskie lighthouse

Arriving at Freeport Marina on Dahfuskie Island

Calibogue ferry disembarking at freeport

Freeport Marina sign

Day trippers check in at the general store to pick up their golf carts

Freeport Marina store, carts

Freeport cottages

Dahfuskie Calibogue Ferry coming in

We picked up our cart and explored the island for the next few days.  We stayed at the First Key Cottage  – Daufuskie supposedly got its name as the locals pronounced “The First Key” like “Da-first-key”. It was the first “key” in the little chain of barrier islands. Our little cottage vacation rental was perfect – two bedrooms, very homey and clean and had a fabulous dock that has a perfect view of sunsets over the Cooper River and marsh. Here’s the link to the First Key Cottage vacation rental page:  http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/reviews/p417380vbi

Sunset from the dock…

Dahfuskie Sunset over Cooper River & marsh

First Key Dock, Cooper River

The dock is also a peaceful spot to have your morning coffee and watch the dolphins slip past.

Dolphin, Cooper River

We made a trip through the Melrose neighborhood and golf course to check it out.

  Daufuskie Melrose green

Was excited to see these huge storks!

Daufuskie wood storks

Daufuskie woodstorks 1

Daufuskie horses & storks

Then we headed to the beach…the sign is to warn visitors about turtle nests

Daufuskie Bloody Pt beach access

Wow – what a pristine beach! Not even a foot print in sight and NO trash either!

Dahfuskie beach clean sand to water

Daufuskie Bloody Pt Beach wide

Daufuskie Bloody Pt sanddollar

Dahfuskie beach towards point

Loggerhead nests were all along the bank above the high tide edge

Dahfuskie turtle nest

Wally’s stork re-enactment

Dahfuskie Wally stork on beach

There were tons of horse shoe crabs dead along the high tide line. This one was actually still alive and we returned him to the water.

Dahfuskie Wally with horseshoe crab


Dahfuskie jellyfish

My biggest thrill was finding some Indian pottery shards in some disturbed dirt! We left them at the little local museum so they could stay with the island.

Dahfuskie pottery shards

A hooting and fluttering in the pines turned out to be a Great Horned Owl looking for a meal

Dahfuskie hoot owl high up view

Dahfuskie hoot owl hori big

Dahfuskie hoot owl nestled on branch   Dahfuskie beach, wide view

If you are planning a trip to the island (and probably anywhere in this area), take heavy duty skeeter spray! They are very hungry!

Next up, Golf at the Bloody Point Golf Course!

# The End #

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