1st Night in Rome ~ Dinner, Piazza Navona and Pantheon

After our nap, we woke up ready to explore Rome at night and to find more food! We headed out with map in hand to wander the neighborhood. We spied a little street lined with cafes and shops just behind the Piazza Navona that looked inviting and decided to eat a little here, a little there… The cafes are smart – they entice in customers by putting a little table set with divine-looking dishes and drinks to lure you in. It worked.

Rome cafe food display

Rome Mimi & Coco cafe

We decided to try the prosciutto with fresh mozzarella cheese for our “starter”, along with some house red wine and grappa for Wally.

Happy Wally – drink in hand, food on the way…

Rome, Wally champagne & wine

Yum – so light and fresh…Rome proscuitto & mozz ballsSo we ate a bit and dusk fell, so we decided to move on and see the Piazza Navona next. Amazing fountains with just a few people wandering about. Artists were set up and musicians playing – what ambiance!

Rome Piazza Navona big view

Rome Piazza Navona bldgFABULOUS Fountains…

Rome Piazza Navona fountain hori view

Rome Piazza Navona fountain vert

Rome Piazza Navona fountain water blowers

Rome Piazza Navona fountain wide view

Rome Piazza Navona fountain figures, hori

Rome Piazza Navona fountain, lion

Rome Piazza Navona fountain, obelisk, bldg

Rome Piazza Navona fountain, Wally

Rome Piazza Navona artists, bldgIt was time to find our next food course and a pizzeria was our next stop. More food, more wine…

Rome Pizzieria nightWe decided to go check out our “home” piazza at the Pantheon next and it seems magical at night. So cool!

Rome Pantheon & fountain at night, full front

Rome Pantheon fountain spigot

Rome Pantheon, Fountain & Wally at night

Rome Pantheon front at night

Rome Pantheon, Fountain, Wally at nightTime for dessert and there’s a little store just to the left of the Pantheon that has gelato and beer. Perfect!

Rome Wally with beer & gelatoWe hung out on the piazza for a while enjoying live music and people watching, then decided to head back to our room at the Pantheon Inn.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we have lots of Rome to cover!

(And yes, I did plan my birthday in Rome ~ how will I top it next year???)


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One thought on “1st Night in Rome ~ Dinner, Piazza Navona and Pantheon

  1. Christopher Harris

    Spectacular travelogue!

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